It happened on Tuesday night.

Following a season unlike any other in Bachelorette history, which featured Clare Crawley getting engaged and Tayshia Adams taking her spot, viewers were finally treated to something normal on this show:

One of the suitors was accused of having ulterior motives for his presence.

Yes, someone might be on the series for the ever-dreaded wrong reasons.

Early on, Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon took charge of a group date that included Montel, Ivan, Demar, Ben, Chasen, Ed, Joe and Bennett.

They were asked too compete in a Grown Ass Man competition.

Meaning what, exactly?

There was a spelling test and a math test and then a tug of war-style physical competition to retrieve a bouquet while tied together.

Bennett — who sat out this physical aspect of the weird and sort of sexist game — won Adams over in the end by making her breakfast in bed, whipping up beignets, donning a bathrobe and jumping in bed with her to serve the meal.

(Jared, meanwhile, named Ed the day’s Manchild, meaning he had to carry around a baby doll the rest of the day as a punishment for losing. Weird stuff, like we said.)

From here, though, the evening deteriorated.

After Chasen swooped in to speak with Tayshia at the cocktail party, Ed trashed the IT account executive as an “actor” who “spins a web of deceit.”

Elsewhere, Tayshia smooched with Ben and was fed berries by Ivan, who she called a “dark horse” in the running for her affections.

When Chasen rejoined the group, though, Bennett brought up how he felt some of the other guys weren’t as excited about Tayshia as he was.

Remember… most of them are just days removed from trying to woo Clare.

“I think there might be some questions,” Bennett said to Chasen. “I think Ed brought that up, if you’re as genuinely fired up about Tayshia as I am.”

Chasen didn’t deny it, either.

“I definitely did share moments with Clare. I was able to have a little bit more one-on-one time. It is definitely tough to pivot,” he replied.

Despite this honesty, Ed laid into Chasen.

“You’re not here for the right intentions. You’re a bad actor,” he told the contestant, going on to make the same accusations when alone with Adams.

“I’m here for the right reasons,” he began, practically reading from a script.

“I think there are some people that might not be as genuine. I don’t want to name drop.

“Yeah, I had a little conversation tonight with Chasen and I think one of the things I’ve discussed man-to-man with Chasen is that I’ve heard him say identical things to Clare that he’s been saying about you.

“Just kind of using the same exact adjectives, the same verbiage, the same words.”

Ed didn’t stop there, either.

He said that Chasen only came on the show to grow his social media following.

“That rubs me so wrong,” Tayshia said in an on-camera interview.

“I said it since night one, I want you to be your true authentic self. Because I don’t want to have one version of you here and go home and have a completely different version of you.”

Who would want that, right?!?

What did Chasen have to say for himself?

He deemed Ed’s claims “absolutely ridiculous” and told Tayshia he felt “insulted,” opening up as follows to The Bachelorette:

“I definitely want to find someone and get to know them.

“And right when you came out obviously it was a pivot, but I’m getting to know you more and more and I’m really vibing with you, and I hope that you feel the same way.”

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Chasen later told Ed he didn’t “appreciate” the shade he was throwing, but in the end, it sort of didn’t matter:

Tayshia gave Ivan the Group Rose, not either of these two feuding suitors.

Ahead of Tayshia’s very first rose ceremony, Chasen addressed the situation with the other 19 men.

“My character has been portrayed in a false light,” he said.

“I felt pretty insulted. And I don’t want any drama tonight from anyone. And Ed, as a gentleman, I just want to ask if you’ve got anything else to say off your chest.”

As for who went home?

After Chasen and Ed got into it some more and Chasen acknowledged he had been “overly aggressive” in their earlier confrontation and the contestants had to break up the verbal sparring?

Peter, Jay and Montel were sent packing by Tayshia.

Cut to the second group date — involving Eazy, Brendan, Joe, Jordan, Spencer, Ben, Ed and Chasen — and even more drama.

“What better way than to cut through the tension than to work it out on the mat?” Tayshia asked her suitors after it was revealed they’d be asked to wrestle each other.

Naturally, Ed and Chasen ended up in the finals.

But Ed told Chris Harrison he couldn’t compete due to a shoulder injury.

Enter Noah, who had been watching in the audience with the rest of the house, and who threw himself over the fence and into the ring.

Chasen won the belt in the end, but Noah earned his way to the after-party… despite not being an original part of the group date.

It took up a great deal of Tayshia’s time there, too, even agreeing to shave off his mustache upon her request.

After taking a razor to Noah’s face, Tayshia declared: “You look really good. You’re kinda hot!”

She then kissed him and gave him a rose and we were left this week with a brand new contender for Tayshia’s ring finger.

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