The Bachelorette Stars: Ranked By Relationship Length!

If The Bachelorette spoilers are any indication, Clare Crawley will be handing out the roses this summer on the long-running show.

Her age, 38, has been the topic of many headlines, but 38 is far from old. It's just mature. As in Clare is ready to find a life partner.

Yet if look at the venerable franchise's track record, however, the Californian's odds of long-term success are mixed at best.

Why do we say that?

Isn't it obvious? This is a dating competition throwing two people together under a pretense that is literally impossible to sustain.

Can they transition into real life, establish a new normal and make it work? They can, but often times, they fall short of that goal.

Which stars made it work?

Which flamed out fast?

We have ranked the 16 stars of The Bachelorette based on who was most successful at finding love during her stint as queen.

See how they stack up from worst to first, and see if C-squared can find what some (if not all) of her predecessors have found …

1.Hannah Brown

2.Jen Schefft

3.Clare Crawley

4.Emily Maynard

5.Andi Dorfman

6.DeAnna Pappas

7.Jillian Harris

8.Meredith Phillips

9.Ali Fedotowsky

10.Kaitlyn Bristowe

11.Becca Kufrin

12.JoJo Fletcher

13.Rachel Lindsay

14.Desiree Hartsock

15.Ashley Hebert

16.Trista Sutter

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