Twitter Is Dragging Evan Peters for Sharing a Video of the Police Tackling Protestors

As many Americans continue to be incredibly brave and protest in support of Black Lives Matter and call for an end to police brutality, Evan Peters is over here enjoying watching the police chase them down. It’s disgusting, and Twitter is rightfully dragging him for it.

This afternoon, Evan retweeted a video of someone laughing and cheering as the police chase and tackle a “looter.” (The video is horrifying, so we won’t be sharing it here.) As soon as Evan retweeted the video, his fans started flooding his mentions to tell him how disappointed and upset they were. There were quite a few hilarious jabs at his breakup with Halsey too.

evan peters doesn’t even come on twitter but he came on here to make sure we knew he was trash

society has moved past the need for evan peters in future AHS seasons

always wondered how evan peters played that racist so well


No wonder Halsey broke up with him

He deleted the retweet shortly after, and while everyone was dragging him, he took to Instagram to post a black square. Which, I guess, is supposed to be his way of apologizing and showing solidarity with Black Lives Matter. But it’s hard to tell because he didn’t add any kind of explanation.

Ultimately, though, it feels like he’s trying to take the easy way out of having the difficult conversations about anti-racism and the consequences of sharing videos of the nature that he did. Evan did not use #BlackLivesMatter, so, luckily, his post shouldn’t clog the feed for people who are actively looking for resources and ways to help.

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