Wanda Sykes: ‘We need white people to tell white people to stop being racist’

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Wanda Sykes was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, where she talked about the fact that so many people are coming out to protest. Wanda has been an outspoken opponent of the Trump administration for years, as has most every other celebrity with a conscience, and I really liked what she had to say about the protests. So many people showed up all over the world to protest police brutality in the US, the crowds were amazing, especially considering the fact that there’s a pandemic and we’re scared for our lives. Wanda said that white people really need to show up, and that we need to call out other white people for racism.

On her video telling white people to join the cause
I just had to say something. We can’t do it alone. If we’re out there marching and asking for change, we need white people to do it. We need white people to tell white people to stop being racist. When we do it it’s obviously not working. The person that’s kicking your butt, why can’t ask us ‘why can’t you make them stop kicking your butt?’ It doesn’t work like that.

“I hope that this is something that really sticks with people”
This is different, you can really feel that. You can see white people out there. I guess we just had to tell y’all ‘hey it’s ok, you can march. Just because it’s Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean we don’t want you involved. We need you involved.’

[From Jimmy Kimmel on YouTube]

I have a friend who is working diligently on Facebook to talk to close Republican family members and friends about the issues and educate them. She says her family is actually coming around and that some dislike Trump now. I think because I’m a northerner with a low tolerance I don’t have that same take. While I’ve called out people for racism in front of me, I’m not on Facebook, I avoid dealing with Trumpers and have written them off for the most part. They are brainwashed, but the least we can do is tell them that it’s not acceptable to be racist. Thankfully my family is sane and I don’t have to interact with conservatives for my job. I have lost friends because I’ve gotten angry about how white-priviledgy they are, but that’s a different side to the same coin. It’s clear I should and can be doing more.

I saw a tweet last week, I wish I could find it again, that said that black people have been brutalized by police forever but now that it’s been happening to white people the world is finally paying attention. Unfortunately it’s true. Update: thanks Karen for sending me this tweet!

This is what it takes every damn time.

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Here’s that interview:

Here’s the video Wanda recorded that Jimmy referenced in their interview. She told Jimmy she’d been drinking George Clooney’s tequila! She said she was tired of just getting texts from her white friends and that they needed to join the cause. She said “You’ve got to fix the problem, you’re the abuser. You can’t ask the woman ‘why can’t you stop him from beating you?‘”

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