We are still married! Wife of Liz Hurleys Superman breaks silence on duos cosy snaps

Liz Hurley rolls in long grass as she celebrates birthday

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Although 56-year-old Liz Hurley was pictured living it up with Henry Birtles at a party celebrating the New Year, his wife Cathy has been quick to reveal that the pair are still married. She also insisted that he and Liz were merely old friends.

Everyone had had a bit too much to drink

Henry Birtles

Liz and Henry were grinning broadly at the event, where they were pictured in matching Superman and Superwoman costumes.

Clad in fishnets and flaunting an orthopaedic boot following a mishap with her foot, Liz seemed keen to prove that nothing – not even an injury – was going to stand in the way of her celebrating on New Year’s Eve.

At one point, the pair were photographed splayed out on the floor together, while the camera angle made it seem as though Liz was straddling him with her legs.

However, his estranged wife, Cathy, who currently lives away from him following a separation last year, has now spoken out to clarify her position.

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Speaking to MailOnline from her cottage in a village near scenic Malmesbury, Wiltshire, she asserted: “There’s nothing going on at all, Liz is an old friend. That’s all… we are still married.”

Clarifying that she had seen the photographs, she added: “If you want to know anything more, I suggest you ask him.”

The couple share three children together.

However, a door seemed to have been closed in their relationship after Cathy resigned from his company HBA Media Ltd two years ago, relinquishing her position as one of its directors.

Henry elaborated on the photographs that got everyone’s tongues wagging by insisting that he was single.

Despite this, he was equally adamant that the snapshots revealed nothing more than drunken fun.

He explained: “It was a laugh, OK, it was past midnight.

“Everyone had had a bit too much to drink and we had a Superman versus Supergirl wrestle and someone took a picture. It was pretty lighthearted.”

56-year-old Henry, who has been pictured meeting the Queen at Buckingham Palace alongside Joanna Lumley, and who is known for reciting poetry at race courses, also elaborated that he is friendly with the Gossip Girl star’s ex, Shane Warne.

He added: “I have been a friend of Liz’s for 30 years. Her best friend is my best friend.

“I was the best man at his wedding and we are just great, great old friends… it is nothing more than that.

Referring to her by her full name, he clarified: “Elizabeth has come horse-racing with me, several times. I am a friend of Shane Warne.”

It emerged that Liz had also appeared in a 2014 video for his football World Cup poem That Time Again.

His website states that Henry’s poems are also “a regular feature on Cheltenham Gold Cup Day where he recites to the crowd”.

While it might be much ado about nothing, the pictures certainly commanded the attention of fans.

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