Webbie Fires Back at Fan Calling Him Not Relatable, Seemingly Shades Boosie Badazz

The former collaborator of Boosie Badazz hotly responds to an Instagram user who alludes that he’s no longer relevant, comparing him to the Baton Rouge rapper.

AceShowbizWebbie won’t let anyone drag him. The former collaborator of Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) hotly responds to a fan who alludes that he’s no longer relevant, comparing him to the Baton Rouge rapper.

“Tha n***a ain’t relatable no more, that n***a tweaking prolly why Boosie kept it moving like he said,” the fan wrote in a comment section of an Intagram post featuring Webbie’s picture. “I can’t never not be a fan of Webbie but s**t ni**a ain’t da same no mo. Or he ain’t caught up on the same wave my n***a.”

Catching the wind of the comment, Webbie replied, “Alot of yall sounds lik some ride da wave.” It seemed like Webbie was throwing shade at Boosie as he continued writing, “d**k riding azz people …I’m sorry …but..I just cant do it…I wasn’t built like dat! Now Yall go ride a wave r a d**k …However yall do…but blessed tho.”

Prior to this, Boosie also made it clear that he no longer wanted anything to do with Webbie. He went ballistic when someone shot him an inquiry about Webbie during an Instagram Live. “Don’t ask me about no Webbie,” he said during the Live on Tuesday, March 17. “Do you see me with f***in’ Webbie? Do you see me hanging with Webbie? Well don’t ask me about no f***in’ Webbie.”

Back in the day, Boosie and Webbie made great music together when they were both staples on the Trill Entertainment imprint. They ruled the South with amazing collaborations including “Ghetto Stories” and “Gangsta Musik” in 2003, “Trill Entertainment Presents: Survival of the Fittest” in 2007 and 2010’s “Trill Entertainment Presents: All or Nothing”. However, they suddenly stopped collaborating, prompting fans to think that they were beefing for some reasons.

Boosie, however, denied the feud rumors in several interviews including when he was on VLAD TV in 2019. That caught Webbie’s attention and he alluded that the rift between them stemmed from Boosie’s alleged dishonesty about the relationship between himself and his former lyrical partner. He also accused Boosie of switching up because of money.

That seemingly changed Boosie’s stance altogether with him dissing Webbie in his new song “I Remember”. “Up in the malice, up in the malice, me n my Savage,” so he rapped. “I ain’t talkin bout Webbie, I’m talkin bout n***as who really be steppin for me.”

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