William Jackson Harper hired a pet psychic for his dog and it kind of worked


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I know William Jackson Harper, 41, from The Good Place. He’s starring in the Amazon series The Underground Railroad and there are calls for him to be Superman! He would make a great Superman actually. William was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he talked about how he’s been doing in lockdown. He lives with his girlfriend and their neurotic dog, Chico. Chico had so many problems that William hired a pet psychic to work with him. Jimmy tried to get William to say how much it cost and all he would say is “too much damn money.” I googled this and many pet psychics start at $100 for a half an hour. The way he explained it, it sort-of worked. At least the psychic somehow got Chico to go into a doggie trance.

On hiring a pet psychic
Last year was a crazy tough year. It was tough for my dog. He was hiding from us for a while. It got so bad that we contacted a dog psychic to sort of hash out what was going on with him. He wouldn’t me pet him and he was acting like he was afraid of me. She had a long waiting list. Obviously a lot of people were going through stuff with their pets. The morning that I got the call that I got nominated [for an Emmy] I was actually on a call with the dog psychic. [She] said ‘I’m gonna get on the phone with Chico and he’ll probably come over and his eyes will flutter he’ll go into a trance.’ I was like ‘this is not going to happen over the phone with a dog.’

He got on the phone. I swear to you Chico came out of his hutch, laid down on his bed conked out, eyes started fluttering and then she was just like sort of going through what was bothering him and whatever.

He said he was athletic, then he corrected himself and said ‘athletic enough.’ My girlfriend and I knew that this is our dog.

On calls for him to be Superman
It definitely blindsided me. That would be dope. That would be the best thing that could happen to me is being able to play Superman. I don’t want to do the diet and the exercise.

[From Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube]

This was missing a follow up question from Jimmy on how the dog is doing now! Does Chico let William hold him? Does he seem to have less anxiety? Also, what did the pet psychic say that got Chico to go to sleep like that? Is there a tone you can play or things you can say to get dogs to relax? I have so many questions. I googled “are pet psychologists different from pet psychics” and of course they are. There are legitimate degrees and certifications in pet behavior studies. If I was rich and my pet was having problems I might hire a psychic though. Especially if I lived in California and a bunch of my friends vouched for her. I’m easily influenced like that.

Here’s that interview!

This is only tangentially related to this story in that it involves a dog waking up, but I thought it was adorable and wanted to post it!

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A post shared by William Jackson Harper (@williamjacksonharper)


A post shared by William Jackson Harper (@williamjacksonharper)

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