WTF is going on? Death in Paradises Ralf Little sent concerned message from Will Mellor

Ralf Little meets stray puppy whilst filming in Guadeloupe

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Over the past few months, Ralf Little, 41, has been doing God’s work and helping look after stray puppies that have been found on the island of Guadeloupe, where Death in Paradise is filmed. The actor recently adopted Dora, who he decided to rescue and take home with him – an act of kindness that sent fans through the roof with admiration.

I’m going to have to make a confession…

Ralf Little

Dora’s story had a happy ending and now it seems Ralf has the puppy bug.

In a recent Instagram post he shared at the end of June, he announced that the production office of the BBC murder mystery show had found another stray and called him over to meet her.

And it was clearly love at first sight.

At the beginning of July the pooch, who is still in the hands of the production office and starting to grow, was really settling in to her new surroundings.

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“She goes mad for sofas!” Ralf exclaimed, as he flipped the camera around for viewers to watch her roll around and play behind the cushions.

And it wasn’t long before the TV star found himself allowing her into another plush habitat, leaving his pal Will Mellor utterly confused.

“I’m going to have to make a confession,” Ralf told the camera.

“My alarm just went off, but last night I crumbled and allowed this to happen…”

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He trailed off as he turned the camera around to show the pup curled up around his arm.

“Perfect little thing she is,” Ralf smiled as he gazed at his new pal.

He captioned the video: “I finally cracked. I’m sorry.”

Having watched the footage and been keeping tabs on what his friend has been up to on the exotic island between filming, Will replied: “WTF is going on with you and these f*****g dogs!??” he penned in awe.

“Are you doing a dog rescue show that you haven’t told me about!!??”

More fans rushed to the comments section to gush over their bond, with one saying: “You need to take her home with you!”

Another agreed: “You have to keep her now she’s formed an attachment.”

“Dora will love her,” a third teased.

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