12 Advent Calendars Made Just for Pets so You Can Treat Your Them the Whole Holiday Season

Critter Calendars

Some may have started decorating for the holidays right after Halloween, others might not realize that Dec. 1 is creeping up fast, regardless it’s almost time to break out the advent calendars. And since the holiday season is all about giving, why not start early by getting an advent calendar for your cat or dog? These 12 calendars are designed for pets and are packed with treats and toys that should give every furry friend a little bit of cheer throughout December.  Let your pets join in on the festive fun by picking out your favorite pet advent calendar. 

This calendar, which covers the 12 Days of Christmas, is filled with toys for your dog to enjoy. 

Buy it! Frisco Holiday 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar with Toys for Dogs, $39.98; Chewy.com

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Festive Feasts

This calendar is filled with 24 cans of Fancy Feast, so your kitty can eat like Christmas royalty all December. 

Buy it! Fancy Feast Advent Calendar, $19.49; PetSmart.com

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Baked with Love

Can’t make dog treats yourself? No problem! This calendar is full of homemade apple cinnamon dog treats. 

Buy it! Molly’s Barkery Holiday Advent Calendar for Dogs, $14.99; Target.com

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Christmas Kitty

Your feline will be rocking around the Christmas tree after 24 days of the catnip treats stuffed in this calendar. 

Buy it! Hatchwells Cat Advent Calendar, $13.45; Amazon.com

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Chic Treats

Not just your average bones, the treats inside this calendar are dog-friendly frosted and sprinkled cookies. 

Buy it! Advent Cookie Calendar, $44.00; Wufers.com

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Fishy Business

Trader Joe’s, one of the first grocery brands to sell advent calendars for pets, has brought back their cat advent calendar filled with salmon-flavored treats. 

Buy it! Trader Joe’s Advent Calendar for Cats, $17.99; Amazon.com or Trader Joe’s

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Deck the Howls

This advent calendar for dogs comes with a tasty bonus! Instead of lasting for 24 days like a traditional advent calendar, this product comes with an extra treat for December 25. 

Buy it! Holiday Tails Season’s Treatings Advent Calendar Dog, $8.99; Petco.com

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Going to the Dogs

Dogs looking for a treat-filled advent calendar this holiday season have plenty of options.

Buy it! Advent Calendar for Dogs, $9.98; SamsClub.com

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Pooch Pleasures

The treats in this calendar for canines come in a variety of flavors. 

Buy it! Himalayan Pet Supply Best Friend’s Advent Calendar, $20.97; Amazon.com

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Home Treat Home

While the container isn’t actually made out of gingerbread, this is still a tasty creation for cats. This calendar is filled with different feline-friendly freeze-dried treats. 

Buy it! Cat Treat Advent Calendar, $31.93; Etsy.com

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Feel Good Holidays

This calendar comes with customizable supplement treats that can help your dog with their joints, coat, anxiety, and more. 

Buy it! Supplement Advent Calendar, Starts at $40.00; TryGoodBoy.com 

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Divine for Felines

One for more for the kitties! This cat calendar comes with salmon and sweet potato treats that can help keep your cat’s coat shiny and healthy. 

Buy it! Heart to Tail Pure Being Cat Advent Calendar, $19.91; Amazon.com

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