29 Leap Day Deals & Freebies To Celebrate The Extra Day

In addition to marking another U.S. Presidential Election and ushering in a new decade, 2020 is special in that it is a leap year. What better way to celebrate Feb. 29 with some leap day deals and freebies. After all, it’s only every four years that you get an extra 24 hours to absolutely demolish your bank account.

Those born on a leap day will undoubtedly be partying the hardest as it’s their one-in-four-year chance to celebrate the actual day they were born. The odds of being born on a leap day are about as high as you’d expect: about one in 1,461. However, while it’s unlikely to be born on a leap day, it isn’t the least common birthday.

Feb. 29 is certainly among the least common birthdays for people to have, but it doesn’t rank number one for rarest. Oddly enough—or, more likely, completely intentionally— the least common birthdays, in order of decreasing popularity, are July 4, December 24, January 1, and December 25. Halloween, October 31, is also among the 10 least common birthday dates, and late November, around when Thanksgiving tends to fall, is also an uncommon time to have a baby. Apparently, the only thing people want less than a leap day baby is a baby born on a national holiday.

Whether you’re a Leap Day Baby—aka a “leapling”— or just want to get the most out of the year’s extra 24 hours, here are 29 freebies to celebrate the leap day.


Milk Bar: Leaplings can visit Milk Bar on their birthday to get a free mini birthday cake. As a bonus gift, you’ll also automatically be entered to win free cake for the next four years. There is no better gift than free dessert.

Chatbooks: The photo book company is offering people born on Feb. 29, four years of free photo books. In what is essentially a four year birthday gift, Chatbooks is offering four years worth of photo books from now until Leap Day 2024. The books will be printed with their ongoing book series, perfect to celebrate the leapling you love (whether that’s your kid or yourself).

Denny’s: You can get a free Grand Slam at Denny’s when you show your ID and confirm that you were, in fact, born on Feb. 29.

Hotels.com: Hotels.com is offering 29 special discount codes worth $290 each, which leap day babies can use on the hotel of their choice. To enter, tweet at @hotelsdotcom on Feb. 29 and share the biggest struggle of being born on Leap Day. The company will select the 29 best answers (based on creativity and level of struggle) so get those sob stories ready.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving: The sports and recreation company is inviting anyone born on a Leap Day to fly for free during Leap Year Week (Feb. 24 through Mar. 1).

Krispy Kreme: If your due date is leap day, this is the deal for you. Krispy Kreme is offering five dozen free original glazed doughnuts to parents of leap day babies, as well as the staff at the hospitals in which they are born. Just post on Instagram or Twitter (make sure to tag @KrispyKreme and use the hashtag #KrispyKremeSpecialDelivery) to claim yours. Years from now you can explain to your child why Krispy Kreme is tagged in the very first photo you have of them.

Lay’s: If you were born on a leap day, you can enter for the chance to win a free bag of Lay’s potato chips. Just go to Lay’s Facebook page on Feb. 28 and comment on their leap day post letting them know that you were born on a leap day. Free chips will certainly soften the blow of having a birthday every four years.

Olive Garden: Get four free Dolcinis to make up for the birthdays you’ve missed since the last leap year.

Pizza Hut: Leap day babies a free one-topping personal pizza for carry-out at participating locations.

Megabus: Megabus is offering 29 free ticket vouchers to anyone born on a Leap Day. To claim yours, you’ll need to follow Megabus on Instagram and send them a DM with proof of your date of birth.


Kwik Chek (Feb. 29): The grocery chain is giving away free tacos all day and running a giveaway where two guests can win free tacos for an entire year.

Bare Necessities (Feb. 29): Leap Day is a great excuse to buy lingerie. You can get 29% off your order as well as free 2-day shipping on order more than $70 when you buy from barenecessities.com.

Del Taco (Feb. 28 – Mar. 1): To celebrate both leap day and the return of its crispy Jumbo Shrimp, Del Taco is offering free Jumbo Shrimp Taco to customers. Just download the Del Taco app to get your coupon for a free Jumbo Shrimp Taco with any purchase and redeem during Leap Day weekend.

Delta (until Mar. 3): The airline has some leap day flight deals for select cities and dates. If you want to book a vacation that takes place sometime in the near future but haven’t settled on a time or place, this deal might be for you.

Graduate Hotels (Feb. 29 – Mar. 6): If you’re looking to book a hotel, Graduate Hotels is offering 29% off all stays between Feb. 28 and July 9. You’ll also get a bonus $10 daily food and beverage credit. Just use the code Leapyear and book your stay between Feb. 29 – Mar. 6.

Great Wolf Lodge: You can reserve a Family Suite for just $29 per person when you use the code LEAPYEAR on greatwolf.com. The caveats are: your stay must be between Apr. 13 and May 21, 2020; the deal is only good Sunday through Thursday nights (no weekend getaways, sorry); and it’s only redeemable if you’re booking a Family Suite for two or more guests.

Hotels.com: Get 29% off select properties for stays between Feb. 2020 and May 2020. If you use the coupon code LEAPYEAR2020, you can get an additional additional 8% off.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving: If you want to try indoor skydiving, leap day is your chance to get a good deal. Get 29% off up to two additional flights added to any flight package during the week of leap day (Feb. 24 through Mar. 1).

Milk Bar (Feb. 29): You can get a scoop of their new Chocolate Birthday soft-serve ice cream for just $2.29.

Motel 6 (Feb. 29 – Mar. 2): You can get 20% off stays between Feb. 29 and Mar. 31, 2020 by booking your stay through Motel 6’s Leap Year page. You’ll need to book by Mar. 2 to get that 20% off.

Olive Garden (Feb. 29): When you purchase an entree in-restaurant, you can get the $5 Take Home deal for just $2.29.

Postmates and Popeyes (Feb. 29): Popeyes is giving away free chicken sandwiches on Feb. 29. I repeat: free Popeyes chicken sandwiches. You’ll need to place a Popeyes order of at least $15 through Postmates between Feb. 24 and Feb. 28. Then, you’ll receive a promo code for your free chicken sandwich, which you’ll be able to redeem on Feb. 29. I mean, you were planning on eating Popeyes twice in one week anyway, if we’re being honest.

Quiznos (Feb. 29): In what is perhaps the most buck wild deal, Quiznos is offering free wedding catering to anyone who proposes to their significant other on leap day using… a Quiznos sub instead of a ring.

Reebok (Feb. 29): If you’re looking to do some online shopping, Reebok is offering $29.99 Leap Year deals with the code LEAP.

Silvercar (Feb. 23 – Feb. 29): If you’re looking to rent a car the week of leap day, Silvercar is offering one free day of rentals for reservations that are at least two days long. Just enter the promo code LEAPDAY2020 when you book on silvercar.com or on the Silvercar by Audi app to redeem your free day.

Stella Artois (Feb. 26 – Feb. 29): Get a free Stella Artois through the brand’s Leap Day fund. If you buy a Stella between Feb. 26 and Feb. 29 and share the brand’s short film with the hashtag #UnCancelPromo, you can get reimbursed for your purchase through Stella’s $366,000 fund. While your purchase must be in between Feb. 26 and Feb. 29, you’ll have until Mar. 14 to redeem your piece of the Stella Artois fund.

Topshop (Feb. 29): If you need an outfit to go with the new shoes you just bought, Topshop is offering 20% off and free shipping for orders over $20. Just use the code LEAP20.

Wayback Burgers (Feb. 29): Get a hand-dipped milkshake for just $2.29 using the Wayback Burgers app.

7-Eleven (Feb. 29): Get an entire cheese, pepperoni, or extreme meat pizza for $2.29 at participating stores. You can redeem in stores or using the 7NOW app. As a bonus deal, if you’re new to the app, you’ll get a $29 discount on any 7NOW delivery over $50. Just use the promo code 29OFF50.

If you don’t see a deal that appeals to you, make up your own and pretend that leap day dollars don’t count. You can deal with the consequences on Mar. 1.

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