6 Best School Supplies 2020 | The Sun UK

SHOPPING FOR school supplies is a regular ritual for parents, who know all too well that the school supplies kids want (sequinned pencil cases, scented rubbers) aren't necessarily the ones they need.

Whether you're home schooling or prepping your child for a new academic year – or challenge – finding the best school supplies kids can use at home is a necessity to ensure they have all the tools at their disposal for home learning.

At the most basic level, kids of all ages will need a selection of pencils, rubbers and sharpeners.

To save yourself a morning of sharpening work, an electric sharpener is a wise investment, and these days, you can also find electric rubber pens.

These are typically used by artists, but will be popular with kids because who doesn't want a rubber that moves?

As well as notebooks and erasable pens, rulers and colouring pencils, investing in a few revision books for home is also a good idea.

And don't forget the white board – great for reminding students of their tasks for the day, as well as illustrating ideas and breaking down word problems.

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