8 Sex Toy Deals That Are Better Than Any Human Valentine

This Valentine's Day, it's time to cut the theatrics and make time for yourself. The best way to do that? With a new sex toy. Unlike a stuffed teddy bear or a heart pendant, a new vibrator or clit stimulator goes much further than just looking cute. It's something that'll make you feel good and revitalized — two things we could all use right about now.

There's a massive sex toy sale happening now at Ella Paradis (which is like Nordstrom but for vibrators and dildos) where basically everything online is discounted. On top of that, if you add the code VDAY25 at checkout, you'll get an additional 25 percent off these already on-sale models. 

These are the kinds of sex toys that might usually be out of budget (after all, they're high-end and made with some seriously impressive settings), but this Valentine's Day they're more attainable than ever. You can shop most models for around 75 percent off, which in shopping terms, is basically the closest you'll get to free. 

Included in this huge sale is the vibrator that'd garnered attention from everybody from the Kardashians to sex therapists. The Lelo Sona 2 Cruise is like a Tesla for your pleasure. It has an automatic setting that can sense when you're wanting a little bit more pressure, and will switch to give you a more intense stimulation on its own. Also on sale is the Don't Text Your Ex Vibrator, appropriately named after quality advice as well as its ability to prevent a potentially tumultuous booty call. 

Check out eight of the best sex toy deals from the Valentine's Day sale below:

Better Love Don't Text Your Ex

Better Love Don’t Text Your Ex Vibrator

Curved on two sides, this heart-shaped vibrator offers a unique type of stimulation that can target basically area of the body — from your nipples to your clitoris. It’s something that can be used for partner play since it’s compact, but powerful enough to use on your own for a truly memorable climax that your ex only wishes they could produce. 

Verishop adult health

Lelo Sona 2 Cruise

Khloé Kardashian was onto something when she gifted this top-rated toy to Kourtneyfor Mother’s Day. One sex expert told InStyle that this is their number one recommendation for heterosexual couples because of its compact size. It’s ideal to use while being penetrated, and on your own you can enjoy its eight vibration patterns. 

Pro 2 Next Generation Clitoral Stimulator Satisfyer

Satisfyer Pro 2

In the sex toy world, the Satisfyer is one of the most popular models around. It’s known for its pressure-wave technology that mimics sucking sensations directly on your clit. If you’re somebody who’s missing oral sex this V-Day, you’ll want to add this toy to your cart asap.

Ella Paradis Vibrators

Adam & Eve Eve’s Perfect Pulsating Massager

Sometimes, simplicity is more than sufficient. That’s the case for this textured vibrator. It comes with seven settings that’ll get your toes curling in no time. Ideal for those who get off to penetration, you can also use it to stimulate your clit by simply pressing the tip up against that pleasure point.

Ella Paradis Vibrators

Better Love Mini Zip

Size most certainly doesn’t matter when it comes to this sex toy. The compact clit stimulator does what any partner wishes they could: gets you to climax in minutes. 

“You might think I am exaggerating but in less than two minutes I literally let out a scream and was reduced to a quivering mess,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this little miracle, you will be happy over and over again.”

Ella Paradis Vibrators

Womanizer Premium Clitoral Stimulator

Along with its whopping 12 speeds, this stimulator comes with an autopilot setting that’ll make the smartest plane jealous. You’ll lift off in no time, according to shoppers who say the toy “will seriously change your life.”

“I swear you will not miss sex if you have this,” wrote one user. “It works wonders.”


Zumio ZumioS

Sometimes too much pressure on your clit can leave you feeling jolted and uncomfortable. You won’t experience that discomfort with the ZumioS, which has a rounded tip that massages in a circular pattern that’s not too hard, but certainly not too soft.

Ella Paradis Vibrators

Better Love Poseidon

Chances are that you haven’t used a cock ring quite like the Poseidon. It has 10 vibrate modes that delivers some seriously erotic sensations to both parties. Shoppers say it has the ability to expand erections so that sex lasts even longer. 

“My husband is a bit on the conservative side when it comes to sex. He enjoys the normal stuff, so I decided to surprise him with this,” explained one reviewer. “Now his confidence is on a whole different level since his erections would last longer and he is extra hard all the time.”

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