A Jungle Cruise Boat Sank Into Murky Waters At Disney's Magic Kingdom

A Jungle Cruise boat sank into murky waters at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando on Thursday, putting passengers at grave risk of encountering attacks in the wild from…ducks.

The news was first broken by Blog Mickey, which obtained this photo of patrons clinging to the boat as it went down in the treacherous waters of Magic Kingdom Park.

One of the guests on the doomed boat, Matthew Vince, tweeted a photo of people’s feet submerged in water while they stood on the seats.

Here’s another photo of the boat well underwater.

Disney confirmed to BuzzFeed News that a Jungle Cruise boat took on some water and that the park immediately called the Reedy Creek Fire Department to respond to the incident.

Everyone got out of the boat safely and the attraction was reopened, Disney said.

According to WDW Stats, a non-Disney affiliated Twitter account that is dedicated to tweeting about the wait times and ride interruptions at Walt Disney World, the Jungle Cruise ride reopened after an interruption of 105 minutes on Thursday afternoon.

The incident prompted some classic Jungle Cruise humor on Twitter.

Some wondered if it was just a giant publicity stunt for the upcoming Jungle Cruise movie.

Others sent thoughts and prayers to first-time riders who had never before experienced the adrenaline-pumping 10-minute riverboat ride traversing down the rivers of Asia, Africa, and South America, while encountering dangerous (animatronic) beasts.

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