All star signs and dates: How each star sign season impacts the horoscope

Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

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Have you ever noticed that you enjoy a particular time of year more than others? The star sign seasons last about a month and each one has a different vibe. chatted to Psychic Seth Vermilyea from to find out all the star sign season dates and how each season impacts the general horoscope.

How each star sign season impacts the horoscope


Aries season starts around March 21 and ends on April 19, but the exact dates depend on when the Spring Equinox is in a given year.

Aries season could make you feel as if there are new and fresh beginnings or as if something is about to get started, Seth said.

He explained: “You just might find yourself acting on these feelings by starting new projects or giving the okay to someone else to get moving based on your expertise.”


Taurus season, which lasts from May 20 until April 20, slows down the Aries energy.

Seth said: “Habits and patterns will keep you comfortable while slow and steady will win the race.

“Investments are great here – financial, emotional, and relationships. Examine your traditions.”


Gemini season starts on May 21 and ends on June 20.

Seth said: “Everyone can use a little Gemini energy!

“It keeps you asking more questions, exploring what’s possible, and trying new things.

“Reach out to build and strengthen relationships and explore uncharted territory.”


Cancer season, which is from June 21 to July 22, can have you feeling a couple of ways.

Seth said: “You might feel as if you’d like to pull back from everything or drive forward with all your focus and energy.

“Trust your emotional centre at this time. What feels right? Let the answers settle and then take action on what’s next.”


Leo season is from July 23 until August 22 and it wants you to put your best self on display!

Seth said: “That would be in an extroverted way or an introverted experience.

“Get social or step into a personal ritual. However you experience your best version of yourself, step into that.”


Virgo Season is from August 23 until September 23.

Seth said: “Virgo season may make you feel like you need to have all the right answers for yourself and for others.

“If you got it, teach the children! But maybe, just maybe, you may need to find a coach or therapist who can guide you through your next journey.”


In the Libra season (September 23 to October 23) we often seek balance.

Seth said: “The seasons are changing and there are reminders everywhere that we can not take unless someone or something chooses to give.

“There’s often an urgency to get things right for yourself or others.”


In Scorpio season, which occurs between October 24 and November 21, truths are laid bare.

Seth said: “We often seek shelter from harsh realities and exposure of self, especially when we’re physically drawn closer to family.

“This act raises triggers, traumas, and behaviours that often need reflection.

“It can feel harsh and unforgiving, but a new path always emerges.


Sagittarius season feels like it will go on forever sometimes, but it only lasts from November 22 until December 21.

Seth said: “It gives us the experience of patience, concerted effort and growth.

“Now is a time to take your time, ground yourself, and personally develop.”


If you weren’t focused before, Capricorn season (December 22 till January 19) will require grounded focus, Seth said.

He explained: “You may find yourself on the edge of breaking out and yet pulled back into old patterns and behaviours.

“Either outcome is possible, but how much do you want it?”


Aquarius season gives us a sense of fresh perspective, so we all look forward to the period between January 20 and February 18.

Seth said: Aquarius season asks us to be the best versions of ourselves.

“After such deep reflection of the previous seasons, now is a time to emerge with a newfound personal awareness.

“This doesn’t have to be huge growth or strides, but can also be achievements like accepting that you love working remotely.”


Pisces season (February 19 to March 20) is ALWAYS an emotional experience!

Seth said: “All the feels come to the forefront. It’s a great time for exploring your emotions through therapy and or ritual.”

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