Amanda Holden lets rip at spending over £2,500 on Covid tests for family holiday

Britain's Got Talent babe Amanda Holden has let rip after having to fork out thousands of pounds on Covid tests.

The TV regular, 50, explained that in order for her family to enjoy a holiday to Portugal she had to spend a staggering amount of money on Covid-19 tests.

Speaking to BFF Alan Carr on the funnyman's Life's A Beach podcast, Amanda revealed she had dropped £2,500 just to make the family trip possible.

While the starlet was able to afford the bill, Amanda acknowledged that the majority of the country simply wouldn't be able to.

Amanda said: "We went from the Friday to the Friday, but getting there cost over £2,500 in tests, which I don't want to rant on and on about it, but I think that is taking advantage of the British public.

"I'm in a position where I can afford to chuck that money. It's a huge amount of money – someone's taking the p**s.

"If I'd chose to, I could have got in a queue at Faro airport and got one for 25 Euros, but I probably would have caught Covid as well, because the queue was round the block."

Amanda and her family jetted out to Portugal at the start of June when the country was still on the UK Government's green list.

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However, while they were out there the it was moved to the Amber list on June 8.

Luckily, they managed to return to the UK before the cut off date and avoided a new enforced quarantine rule for all travellers.

Despite the huge bill, Amanda says the trip was worth it to spend time with her family.

However, she adds that the cost had left her with a bad taste in her mouth.

Amanda continued: "It was worth it in the sense that we got away as a family, because so many other people didn't get away.

"But never again am I paying that sort of money. There should be some sort of inquiry into that."

Over the past 12 months Amanda has been keen to follow the ever changing rules and government guidelines.

However, she admits now the lockdown is starting to grate on her.

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The Heart Breakfast host added: "None of it makes any sense.

"I've so much goodwill and I've abided by every flippin' rule, but now I've gone 'no more'.

"I feel like we need to stand together now.

"Wimbledon, Ascot, football, anywhere there's money needed, but I can't go to my own kids' sports days which are outside, but Wimbledon can happen, the football can happen.

"My children were so disappointed."

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