Amanda Holdens saucy love life slips, from steamy showers to sex appeal school

National treasure Amanda Holden, 50, is the fancy of many across the country due to her gorgeous looks, fantastic dress sense and endless charm.

She also never seems to age.

Known as a lively character in everything she does, she has endeared herself to the country as a longtime judge on Britain's Got Talent – a role she took up in 2007.

The Heart FM Breakfast show host has been on screens, stages and radio stations for decades, but all that practice doesn't prevent the occasional accidental slip-up. The blonde bombshell has been left blushing by her own X-rated confessions more than once.

We take a look at the times the Portsmouth-born beauty has been left a little red-faced after letting fans hear a bit more about her sex life than intended.

A steamy shower sex

In November last year, Amanda was chatting with Heart co-host Jamie Theakston about the best way to face in the shower and which way around Brits prefer.

Offering up her two pence, Amanda said: "When I first get in, I might go, 'oh yes here it comes', but then I think I turn around-" before co-host Jamie jumped in, "So, you’re facing towards the shower to begin with?"

"But only for sex…like…" Holden replied.

Laughing, Jamie said: "That’s another discussion for another day!"

Backtracking as quickly as possible, for BGT host said: "For seconds! I said seconds!"

Trying to get the show back on the rails, Jamie said: "What you do in the shower is your own business, I just want to know whether you’re facing the shower or you’re facing the… or whether you’re…" before she started laughing.

Adding a little more sauce to the pot as she mentioned her partner Chris Hughes' possible reaction, she laughed: "My husband is going to be like, 'she blinking doesn’t!'

"Anyway, then I turn around, I like the water on my back, but then, I’ll tell you what annoys me, there’s always one little spray that goes off on its own little journey somewhere, then I turn back around."

Amanda's steamy revelation doesn't really come as much of a surprise. Back in 2015, she boasted: “He can’t keep his hands off me.

“I actually tell him off because I say, ‘I don’t want to have a kiss and a grope while I’m trying to load the dishwasher.' Chrispy’s up for it any time. Always. So it’s when I decide. Poor chap!”

Sex on the brain

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In January 2021, Amanda was discussing a new "lockdown challenge" with co-star Jamie.

She said: "There's this amazing article in one of the newspapers today which is calling it a lockdown challenge, which I prefer because it’s a good spin.

“It’s thinking about what you can do for yourself over the next sex weeks…

“Sex? Sex weeks?” she said, immediately interrupting herself as she realised what she had said.

Jamie jumped in saying: "That escalated quickly."

“That's probably not one of the things for most of us,” continued the host. But that wasn't all.

Later in the show, she was discussing the challenge again, saying: “Earlier in the show, we were talking about what you can do over the next sex weeks… oh, I’ve done it again."

"It's on the brain," Jamie chimed in.

Amanda clearly agreed, because later on, she posted a clip of the video to her 16 million Instagram followers.

Her caption wrote: “Blimey I’ve clearly got it on the brain… #lockdownlife @thisisheart."

The post received attention from many, including fellow celebs Olly Murs and Mollie King.

Teaching Alison Hammond sex appeal

Back in April 2021, actor and presenter Alison Hammond said Amanda taught her the art of sex appeal ahead of her part in the show I Can See Your Voice.

While this one isn't an accident, Hammond and Holden were on the judging panel together, and Amanda helped her embrace her sex appeal.

Speaking to Notebook magazine, Alison said: “She brought a wealth of experience.

“She didn’t really teach me about that but she taught me how to show a bit more leg! You know sitting down and how to edge the skirt up a little bit. She taught me a bit about sex appeal!

“She kept getting in trouble for opening her legs. They had to keep saying, ‘Amanda keep your legs shut!’ That really tickled me."

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