Anti-aging: Lisa Snowdons gentle face yoga massage to make her eyes look younger

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Lisa Snowdon, 50, uses facial massage to help soothe her skin – especially after grinding her teeth at night. She claims the routine “really helps” her skin, helping her look less puffy and tired. She said feeling stressed and tired has a big detrimental effect on her skin.

“I see a really big difference,” she explained. “I grind my teeth at night if I’m stressed, so in the morning you can feel a bit tighter around your jaw, so I have to do more massage around my cheekbones and underneath.

“I don’t sleep as well and I just don’t feel refreshed; I notice a big difference in how I hold myself. It all has a big knock-on effect.”

Lisa massages her neck and jaw to relieve the impact on her skin, as well as around her eyes.

She said: “It’s a lot of the neck, it’s a lot of the jaw and then I do a lot of gentle massage around the eyes, where I hold the eye and I just massage in a circle.

“If I’m a little bit puffy in the morning I brought my little cryo balls with me this morning, which are little ice balls I keep in the freezer.”

Cyro balls are spherical devices that can be put in the fridge to make them cold. They are then used to massage the face.

Lisa went on: “Take them out of the freezer, let them warm up a bit so they don’t stick to your face. Then they slowly depuff your face.

“All of those things really help. It’s about looking at your face in the morning and seeing what you need.”

Lisa also notices the effects of what she eats on her skin.

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“Different foods and things like that can affect you the next day, like when you wake up and you’ve had too much salt and you just feel a bit puffy the next day,” she went on.

“I just look and see what I need and then I apply the massage depending on where I need it.

“I always do a little bit of lymphatic drainage around the neck.”

Lisa has teamed up with PRAI Beauty to discuss her routine and how she looks after her skin.

She said: “Isn’t it amazing that we’ve reached a place where we can celebrate getting older – and feel great in our skin too.

“For me, taking a holistic approach to skincare is incredibly important.

“When you reach midlife, you can often find that the products you were using in your 20s and 30s aren’t cutting it anymore and it’s time to switch things up.

“However, looking at your entire wellbeing is key too; fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, sleep. It all has an impact on our skin and more so as we age.”

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The model went on: “This partnership means a lot to me and I’m really proud to join the team.

“I feel blessed to have built such an amazing community of like-minded women through Instagram, we love sharing our stories on menopause, aging, and just life in general.”

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