Astrology says it's bad news if you're getting married in 2020

Wedding season is so close we can almost taste the champagne – but it seems the stars might have different plans for couples this year.

That’s because Venus and Mars will be in retrograde in 2020, during some of the most popular months for weddings.

So, bad news if you have nuptials planned between 13 May and 25 June – Venus retrograde could throw a spanner in the works.

But don’t think you’re off the hook if you have a wedding planned between 9 September and 13 November  – as that’s when Mars is in retrograde.

But what does this actually mean? Astrologer Ruby Daniela breaks the first summer session down for us.

She tells ‘Venus is the planet of love, it shows your values, how you love, what you love and your sense of beauty. 

‘When Venus moves into retrograde, the planet’s outward expression is moving inward. It can mess with your emotional stability and sense of self-worth in the process. It can also bring up unresolved issues or conflicts – especially in the realms of relationships.’

In other words, it might be time to confront some things you’ve been trying to ignore – which isn’t ideal when you’re about to tie the knot!

Ruby adds: ‘When it comes to weddings, Venus retrograde may add a certain complexity to the marriage, mainly due to emotional fluctuations and internal shifts during that time. I always tell my clients to look at their natal chart first and see what house the retrograde falls in before they go ahead and change their plans. 

‘In any case, don’t drive yourself crazy. When you approach your life with a sense of self-awareness and make conscious choices a retrograde won’t ruin your wedding plans and/or your marriage. 

‘As long as you’re aware of your own feelings and internal fluctuations you’ll be able to navigate through life no matter the astrological weather.’

But astrologist Francesca Oddie explains that it’s not just brides-and grooms-to-be who should be careful. 

She says: ‘I would warn guests about hooking up with exes because for the June weddings because Mars in Pisces will be forming a challenging aspect to the Venus. Everything might seem like a fairytale but we have to be wary of getting swept up in a beautiful moment… or getting hammered because your ex is there with someone else.’

In terms of the autumnal stretch, Francesca says: ‘September is more interesting with Mars Retrograde in Aries; this means the couple might not be able to express themselves or express their anger.  However, it could also mean that they work hard to be calm and rational with one another.’

But Francesca also stresses that while things might seem slightly off during those key wedding months, we shouldn’t be too worried.

She explains: ‘We have to remember that astrology is nature and any couple that has intuitively chosen a date that “feels right” to them, has done so for a reason. 

‘Whilst I would never elect a chart under either of these retrogrades I don’t see it as a reason to panic.’

In other words, don’t go cancelling your big day – just be mindful that there might be a few surprises in store.

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