Behold the Yumnut, M&S's hybrid treat that's a mix of a doughnut and a yum yum

Over the years, we’ve seen and celebrated many attempts at mashing up the humble doughnut with another treat to create a tasty hybrid.

We’ve had the iconic cronut (a croissant and a doughnut) and the less-catchy crodough (the same thing), followed by the non-doughnut mishmashes of the mufgel (a muffin and a bagel) and the cruffin (a croissant meets a muffin).

Now M&S has got in on the combo game by launching the Yumnut, which is, of course, the lovechild of a yum yum and a doughnut.

Is a yum yum not simply a stretched out doughnut, you may wonder? Pretty much, yes. A yum yum is a twisted doughnut dough glazed with icing.

So does that thus mean that a Yumnut is essentially a double doughnut or a doughnut mating with itself? We’d say so, yes.

But we reckon this creation is still worthy of celebration, because it looks delicious and it’s fun to say.

M&S say that their Yumnut is made using their unique butter-enriched yum yum recipe, which includes a minimum 18-hour dough resting time and 48 laminations to give it a light and open texture. This is deep-fried, covered in a sugar glaze, then topped with decorations.

There are six flavours available, all of which sound pretty good.

The Plain Jane is your standard Yumnut with no extra frills. It costs £1.

The Raspberry Royal is topped with fruity fondant and freeze-dried raspberries, and, like all the other topped options, costs £1.15.

Billionaires is topped with salted caramel sauce, a crunchy biscuit crumb, and dark chocolate lacing, Simply the Zest has tangy lemon glaze, biscuit crums, and meringue pieces, and Milk & Cookies has a milky vanilla glaze topped with mini cookies and a chocolate drizzle.

Finally there’s Double Chocolate, which launches a bit later, from 24 March. This is topped with milk chocolate fondant and dipped in milk and white chocolate shards.

They all have a rather pleasing hexagon shape to add to the excitement.

Kirsty Rowley, M&S Bakery Product Developer, said: ‘M&S is renowned for its delicious selection of doughnuts and yum yums – we sell almost 650 miles worth of yum yums each year!  

‘The craze for gourmet, ‘Instagrammable’ pastries is huge and the new M&S Yumnuts bring this culinary revolution to everyone and are great value, costing from as little as £1 each.’

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