Bermuda Triangle: ‘Bizarre to comprehend’ how 27 navy officers lost lives

Bermuda Triangle: Pirates could be cause of mystery says expert

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The legendary 500,000-mile-square area of ocean is notorious for a string of unexplained disappearances. From the early nineteenth century to the present day as many as 50 vessels and 20 aircraft have vanished in the Bermuda Triangle. The mysterious region that has long dumbfounded scientists lies between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Despite previous failures at unravelling the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, a new team has been assembled to do just that.

Deep-sea explorer Rob Kraft led a team of experts into the Triangle’s eerie waters for a new mission last year.

The team used the Petrel research vessel as they attempted to get the bottom of the disappearance of Flight 19.

Flight 19 was a 14-man mission of five TBM Avenger Torpedo bombers that vanished in the Triangle in 1945.

Just months after World War 2 ended the squadron set off from Fort Lauderdale naval air station.

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The aircraft conducted bombing runs in an area called Hens and Chickens Shoals off the Florida coast.

They were then supposed to head north and return to base but were never seen again.

A Martin Mariner rescue seaplane carrying another 13 men was dispatched to look for Flight 19 and its crew, but it also vanished.

Some 75 years later Mr Kraft and his team have been filmed for an episode of a new season of History Channel US series, ‘History’s Greatest Mysteries’.

The docuseries is presented and executive produced by US actor and director Laurence Fishburne.

In Episode One Martin K. A. Morgan, a military historian, explains how the disappearance of Flight 19 has left the experts stunned.

Speaking for the documentary, he said: “The Martin Mariner also failed to return to base.

“It is so bizarre for us to try to comprehend.

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“Twenty-seven US Navy sailors lost their lives, they disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.

“There has still never been an adequate explanation for what happened to them.”

The expert described Flight 19’s mission as “a routine training flight”.

He said: “it was to take off, drop some bombs, shoot a little navigation and then come back to base.”

Mr Morgan added: “It is an area where there are anomalies that cannot be explained by physical science.”

History’s Greatest Mysteries is available on the History Channel US.
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