Billionaire race for the stars: Richard Branson to beat Bezos to space

Richard Branson looks likely to go to space aboard a Virgin Galactic ship as early as next month.

That comes from a report on Parabolic Arc suggesting plans are afoot at Virgin Galactic to get the billionaire into orbit over the July 4 holiday weekend in the US.

In an unbelievable co-incidence, this news reaches us just days after it was announced that Jeff Bezos will fly to space on July 20.

Bezos, another billionaire who happens to own his own private space company, will join his brother and the winner of an auction aboard a flight to low-Earth orbit on Blue Origin’s New Shephard spaceship.

But he’ll be beaten to the punch by Branson aboard Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity SpaceShipTwo if these plans are true.

‘Before it can fly Branson, Virgin Galactic must obtain a commercial reusable spacecraft operator’s license from the FAA,’ Parabolic Arc reports. ‘The license would allow Virgin Galactic to fly its billionaire founder as the company’s first spaceflight participant.’

Interestingly, an anonymous source spoke to GeekWire to downplay the rumour Branson is hoping to beat Bezos to the stars.

‘Claims about sending Branson into space during the July 4 weekend would be false information, based on the existing policies for analyzing test data and assessing flight safety,’ the site reported.

But Branson himself doesn’t seem to mind stoking the fires of a rivalry.

On his Twitter account, the Virgin founder congratulated Bezos after his announcement but told followers to ‘watch this space’.

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