Brainteaser challenges people to find circles in this optical illusion

Can you see 16 circles? Optical illusion brainteaser that looks like a group of squares leaves players stumped – so, can YOU solve it in less than 45 seconds?

  • UK-based Bernie Spofforth shared brain teaser on Twitter called Coffer Illusion 
  • Challenged her followers to located 16 circles in a drawing made of squares 
  • Explained illusion worked because human brain tends to see closed shapes
  • Some said they could not see the circles at all, focusing on the squares instead

A brainteaser that features 16 circles in what looks to be an arrangement of straight lines is the latest optical illusion to leave puzzlers baffled.  

Named the ‘Coffer Illusion,’ it challenges players to located 16 circles in a drawing of vertical and horizontal lines, which seem to create squares.

The illusion was created by Anthony Norcia of The Infant Vision Laboratory at Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute in San Francisco. 

It’s resurfaced after being shared by UK-based Bernie Spofforth, on her Twitter account, where it’s racked up 1,600 likes.  

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The illusion was shared by UK-based business woman Bernie Spofforth, on her Twitter account. Can you find the 16 circles?

It works because of the human brain’s tendency to focus on closed shapes, as well as its interpretation of vertical and horizontal stripes. 

When he created the puzzle, Norcia showed it to 45 people, and it took them an average of 45 seconds to spot the circles.  

If you’re struggling to find the circles, focus your eyes on the vertical lines. 

If you want to get to the answer right away, scroll down to see the reveal.    

If you focus on the vertical lines, you can see that small circles are also present in the optical illusion (pictured)

Another tricky puzzle recently baffling players challenges you to work out which one of these three cats will reach the bowl of food first – and it’s surprisingly tricky to solve. 

The tangled labyrinth puzzle, created by British brand Natures Menu, is designed to keep your mind busy.

The illustrators behind the maze claim the current record for solving it stands at 18 seconds. So, can you solve it quicker? 

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A new brainteaser, created by Natures Menu, challenges the nation to solve which cat will solve the maze and get to the food (pictured)

While many pet owners will be self-isolating with greedy cats, the virtual mystery takes deep concentration to solve which of these moggies will be the first to eat.

If you’re struggling to solve the puzzle, consider which of the animals has the straightest path to the food. 

Natures Menu, who specialise in raw and natural pet food, created the graphic to mark National Pet Month this April. 

And if you’re struggling to find the answer, then scroll down to see the path marked out in red.   

Cat B is able to get to food quickest, taking very few twists and turns to escape the labyrinth 

Another bafflling brainteaser has left the internet stumped – despite seeming easy to solve at first glance. 

The busy graphic, created by illustrator Gergely Dudás from Hungary, challenges the nation to spot a hidden bumblebee among a field of flowers and cartoon animals.

Since being shared on Facebook, the viral puzzle has seen many claim they’ve spent more than 30 seconds trying to find the well-hidden insect.

But while hundreds struggle to solve the brainteaser, could you be the one to set a new record?  

A new brainteaser, created by illustrator Gergely Dudás from Hungary, is challenging the nation to spot a bee hiding among a field of flowers and animals (pictured)

While some of us are wary of getting too close to bees in fear of being stung, trying to find the insect in this busy puzzle requires you to look very closely. 

If you’re still struggling to spot the bumblebee, try looking at the flowers closest to the raccoon eating an apple. 

Gergely, who is perhaps best known as Dudolf, boasts over 152,000 likes on Facebook for his illustrations and quirky brainteasers.

His latest hiding bee puzzle has already been shared almost 1,000 times on the social media platform.   

The insect can be spotted lurking on a flower towards the top left of the busy graphic (pictured)

Another new puzzle is challenging beady-eyed users to find the only holidaymaker reading a book in this vibrant beach scene.

Bikini-clad women and men sporting swimming shorts are shown relaxing on their beach towels as they catch some rays. 

But in the puzzle, created by a US-based travel company, just one figure is enjoying a holiday read. 

You have just 30 seconds to try and beat the puzzle so scroll down to give it a try before checking your answers at the bottom – but don’t cheat!  

A tricky new puzzle by international firm has challenged beady-eyed users to find the only holiday maker reading a book – but can you find it in thirty seconds?

If you’re still struggling to spot the person, we can give you a clue – it is a woman and she is sitting near and umbrella. 

Still can’t find her? Look towards the bottom centre of the image and you’ll find the person you’re looking for. 

The puzzle follows the style of quiz made popular by Hungarian cartoonist Gergely Dudas, better known as Dudolf. 

Among the puzzle, created by an online visa assistance processing firm, is a figure enjoying a holiday read – seen circled

He recently shared a side-by-side pictures show animals enjoying ice cream in a park, but with seven subtle differences between the drawings.

The original picture seen on the left shows two bears giving out ice cream from a stand, as a deer plays football with a bunny and a hedgehog enjoys a snack.

Meanwhile two baby penguins play on a mat while a turtle sports sunglasses on his shell as the animals enjoy a sunny day out.  

Hungarian cartoonist Gergely Dudas previously shared a riddle to mark the end of the summer – but can you spot the seven differences between the right and left hand picture?

The hand-drawn image even shows a few of the animals teasing the followers, holding up a sign which reads: ‘Can you find seven differences?’.

However in the right-hand picture seven subtle adjustments have been made, visible only to the eagle-eyed and revealed in the picture below.

Dudas first became an online sensation after his deceptively difficult seek-and-find puzzle featuring a panda hidden among a group of snowmen swept the internet in December 2015.

He now produces puzzles for most major holidays – and delights followers by posting random editions throughout the year.

ANSWER: Seven subtle adjustments have been made, visible only to the eagle-eyed and revealed in the picture above

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