Brit parents beg Pornhub to ban explicit sex pics of underage teenagers

Parents have accused the world’s biggest porn website of profiting from nude photos of their children.

Kids send intimate phone pics to friends via social media sites such as Snapchat and the images appear for only a few seconds.

But hackers have been grabbing them and posting them on Pornhub.

Campaigners say the site is too slow to remove images when people complain.

Pressure group Not Your Porn has had ten reports of Snapchat users aged 13 to 15 finding their nude pics on Pornhub.

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The group’s Kate Isaacs said: “Teenagers are exploring their sexuality with a smartphone and sending images thinking what they put on Snapchat will ­disappear.

“Instead it’s broadcast across the globe. We were contacted by the older sister of a 14-year-old who had sent naked videos through Snapchat and it ended up on Pornhub. She was too scared to go to police.

“She thought the world was over. It can have real mental health repercussions.

“Mums are coming to us in utter despair, begging to know how videos ended up on a porn site and how they can be removed.


“They, like us, have found Pornhub to be very slow in responding to reports. The firm is not only distributing and sharing child abuse, it is commercialising it.”

The group wants a global regulator with the power to fine porn sites.

The story echoes the 2014 hacking of stars such as Jennifer Lawrence whose intimate pictures appeared on other porn websites.

Pornhub, which has 15 million hits a day and is worth an estimated £2.5billion, boasts categories like UK Teen Snapchat, Young Teen Snapchat and Leaked Teen Snapchat.

Ms Isaacs added: “Pornhub can argue that people in these videos are pretending to be teenagers, which some might be. But there is no process to check.”

Pornhub denied being slow to remove content, saying the average wait was “several hours”. It claims a large “highly trained” team checks all images.

A spokesman added: “Pornhub has a steadfast commitment to eradicating illegal content, ­including non-consensual content and ­underage material.

“Any suggestion ­otherwise is categorically inaccurate”.

  • Young people can contact Childline free on 0800 1111 or visit

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