Brushing Your Dog's Teeth Just Got Easier Thanks to This Tooth Brush That's Also a Treat

BARK, the dog lovers behind the dog toy subscription service BarkBox, recently discovered that over 80% of dogs develop gum disease by the time they are three years old.

This figure is especially worrisome since gum disease and poor dental health can go on to cause other health problems in pups. One of the best ways to keep your pooch from becoming part of this startling statistic is by regularly brushing their teeth.

Unfortunately, that task can sound challenging to many dog owners. BARK even found through a recent survey that 69% of dog parents have never attempted to brush their pet’s teeth.

To make this task seem a little more accessible, BARK teamed up Novozymes to create Bright Dental, “an innovative triple-enzyme daily toothpaste and chew,” according to a release from BARK about the product.

There is no toothbrush required in this daily doggy dental routine, instead, the toothpaste, designed to “tackle the debris that leads to bad breath and can cause other serious health problems in your pup,” is squeezed on to a tasty, chicken-flavored chew that you feed your dog once a day.

The toothpaste and chew work together to tackle tartar, bad breath and plaque, without owners having to wrestle their dog’s mouth open.

Bright Dental is available now as part of a monthly subscription service, which costs about $1 a day, at, and will be available in individual packs at Target starting March 1 and CVS starting March 27.

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