Caliper CBD powder will completely transform the way you take your CBD

It’s time to switch up your CBD game just a bit — and the innovative brand Caliper is making it easier than you ever imagined.

Caliper CBD comes in powder form, making it quick and easy to mix into hot or cold beverages and food.

The 20mg single-serve packets are perfect for carrying in your purse, backpack or even your wallet while taking on your errands or other tasks during the day.

They require no measuring, meaning you’ll get the perfect dose without any additional mess. And with the Caliper CBD powder being flavorless, there are no worries about it affecting the taste of the food or beverages you mix it into.

You can purchase a 30-pack of Caliper CBD packets or get a 60-pack on subscription. The Caliper subscription membership gives you 10% off every shipment and free shipping on each order, plus the peace of mind that you’ll have your CBD on-demand every month.

Speaking to the Post, Caliper Foods co-founder and brand director, Missy Bradley, says Caliper aims to offer a CBD product that is both dependable and easy to use.

“There’s so much confusion about CBD in the market right now. With Caliper CBD, there’s never a question about the quality or dose of what you’re getting,” Bradley says. “Not to mention the convenience of being able to mix it quickly and cleanly into any food or drink, hot or cold, including something as basic as a glass of water.”

She added that Caliper simply wants to enhance the CBD experience of people who are already users of cannabis-based products.

“We don’t think it’s our job to convince people to consume CBD. We just want to give people who already want CBD the most consistent, convenient product on the market,” said Bradley.

And if you’re looking to put a new spin on enjoying your CBD, Caliper powder is an exciting way to mix up your routine.

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