Can you find the 21 romantic film titles hidden in the cinema scene?

Brainteaser challenges puzzlers to find the 21 romantic films hidden in the cinema screening – but can YOU beat the five minute record?

  • Romantic scene challenges puzzlers to find each of the 21 rom com films 
  • Hidden clues can be found in the cinema screening and each depict classic film 
  • Current record stands at five minutes – but can YOU find them all any quicker?

Love is in the air in this romantic scene – but in typical rom-com fashion, things aren’t straightforward.  

The latest brainteaser, created by Watches2U, features 21 clues hidden in the cinema screening, each depicting classic romantic film titles. 

But with a jam-packed graphic filled with everything from emojis, ghosts and even an eyeball, it may prove trickier than you first think.

The creators have revealed the current record to solve all 21 clues is five minutes – but can you beat it?     

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A new brainteaser (pictured), created by Watches2U, challenges the nation to find the 21 romantic films in under five  minutes

If you’re struggling to find the answers, then look away now – as all is about to be revealed.

The hidden films include: Pretty Woman, You’ve Got Mail, Dirty Dancing, Valentine’s Day, Bridget Jones’s Diary, A Star is Born, Crazy Stupid Love, Four Weddings and a Funeral, When Harry met Sally, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Ghost. 

Also amongst the clues is: The Notebook, Brokeback Mountain, 10 Things I hate about You, Titanic, The Bodyguard, Beauty and the Beast, Grease, The Kind and I, Roman Holiday and Love Actually.

Another music-themed brainteaser has left players scratching their heads – and even the most eagle-eyed puzzlers stumped.

The answers can be found above and include: Pretty Woman, You’ve Got Mail, Dirty Dancing, Valentine’s Day, Bridget Jones’s Diary and A Star is Born


 1. Pretty Woman

2. You’ve Got Mail

3. Dirty Dancing

4. Valentine’s Day

5. Bridget Jones’s Diary

6. A Star is Born

7. Crazy Stupid Love

8. Four Weddings and a Funeral

9. When Harry met Sally

10. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

11. Ghost

12. The Notebook

13. Brokeback Mountain

14. 10 Things I hate about You

15. Titanic

16. The Bodyguard

17. Beauty and the Beast

18. Grease

19. The Kind and I

20. Roman Holiday

21. Love Actually


Created to celebrate the 40th annual Brit Awards, the seek-and-find puzzle challenges you to find the single microphone hidden among a messy pile of musical instruments.

The puzzle, designed by wristband company ID&C, is made all the more difficult thanks to the mixture of shadows and colour.

It is therefore of little surprise that most people are unable to solve the puzzle in under 60 seconds without cheating.

ID&C created the illustration to mark the 15th year in a row that they’ve supplied wristbands to the musicians, celebrities and guests at the awards. 

ID&C has baffled the internet with a tricky music themed brainteaser (pictured), ahead of the 40th annual Brits Awards

Matt Wilkey, Company Director and co-owner, at ID&C said: ‘What better way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Brit Awards ceremony than by taking part in our music brainteaser! 

‘With the average time set at 60 seconds to complete the game we’re looking forward to seeing the record beaten.’

If you’re still struggling to find the microphone then look towards the bottom centre of the image. And when you finally give up, scroll down for the solution. 

Circled towards the bottom centre of the illustration is a microphone, disguised as being part of headphones 

Another busy graphic, created by, challenges netizens to find the red-breasted robin among the birds.

But with hundreds of distractions, the big question is – how long will it take you to find it? 

The current record stands at an impressive 23 seconds, but don’t be fooled – it’s not as easy as it may seem.  

Another brainteaser, created by, challenged the nation to find the red-breasted robin among the birds (pictured)

The head-scratching puzzle features a sneaky hidden bird that needs to be spotted amongst its chirpy friends.

But it’s left people squinting and staring trying to figure it out, with some even having to give up as it’s so tricky.

If you’re struggling to find the robin quicker than the rest of the population, try looking towards the bottom right-hand side of the image.

Give up? Scroll down to be put out of your misery and for all to be revealed! 

The hidden robin resides towards the bottom right-hand side of the busy graphic and can be seen circled in red

Another puzzle, created by GoSimpleTax, challenges the nation to find the receipt among the messy desk.

The colourful graphic, released to tie in with the Self Assessment deadline at the end of the month, is crammed with various pieces of stationery to try and throw you off the scent. 

The creators have revealed the current record stands at 13 seconds – but can you do any better?   

A new brainteaser, created by GoSimpleTax, has challenged puzzlers to find the hidden receipt among the messy desk (pictured)

With everything from mobile phones, calculators and notepads in the mix, it may prove trickier than you think.

If you haven’t managed to find the answer yet, then here’s a sneaky little clue – try moving your eyes towards the pair of glasses that reside in the picture.

Give up? If you scroll down, you’ll find the correct answer placed towards the top left-hand side of the image.  

The answer can be found towards the top left-hand side of the graphic and is circled in red (pictured)

Another colourful graphic, created by Easy Bathrooms, a national retailer of bathroom and tile products, challenges puzzlers to find the rubber duck with the Santa suit and beard.

But due to the snowy and busy scene, the hard-to-find duck, also known as ‘Father Quackmas,’ may be trickier to find than you think.

The designer has revealed the current record stands at an impressive 42 seconds, but can you find it any faster?

Another brainteaser, created by Easy Bathrooms, challenges puzzlers to find the duck with the santa suit and beard

The mountainous landscape contains several intruders in a bid to throw you off the scent – including hundreds of other ducks in the likes of red scarves and Santa hats. 

If you’re having a tough time and are keen to be put out of your misery, then look away now as all is about to be revealed!

If you look closely, you’ll be able to spot ‘Father Quckmas’ towards the top right-hand side of the image, circled in red.  

And it’s not the only puzzle which has been leaving players scratching their heads in recent weeks. 

‘Father Quackmas’ can be found towards to top right-hand side of the image, circled in red (pictured)

Another graphic, created by Great Rail Journeys, challenges the public to spot the eight differences in the two Swiss landscapes.  

Both snaps feature a train journey across a mountainous landscape, but while both may look identical, there are hidden differences between the two. 

And with a current record of an impressive 58 seconds to beat, the pressure is really on!

Scroll down for reveal

The latest brainteaser, created by Great Rail Journeys, challenges the nation to spot the eight differences in he two puzzles

The puzzle features the iconic Glacier Express railway, which celebrates its 90th birthday next year.

It has also recently featured on a episode of The World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys TV series on Channel 5.

The train travels through the Swiss Alps, home to the Matterhorn, the world’s most photographed mountain that also appears on the Toblerone packaging.

If you’re struggling to find the answer, then take a look at the mountains, buildings and the trees for a clue – and if you’re really stuck, you can find the answers circled in red in the image below.  

If you’re struggling to find the answers, then you can find them circled in red (pictured)

But don’t worry if you didn’t manage to beat the record, as there have been plenty of other brainteasers sweeping the web for you to try your hand at.

A New Year’s Eve-inspired brainteaser has been released to get you in the mood for the upcoming party season.

The puzzle, created by the team from GiftsOnline4U, showcases an ocean of pocket watches which read five minutes to midnight.

However, hidden amongst these clocks is one telling the wrong time, but can you spot it?

The brainteaser, created by the team from GiftsOnline4U, challenges puzzles to find the one clock telling the wrong time (pictured)

According to the creators, the current record to beat is an impressive 9 seconds – so how will you fare?  

With hundreds of different colour pocket watches in the mix, the challenge may prove trickier than it first seems. 

However, if you’re struggling to detect the hidden clock, then try looking for the only one that reads five minutes to two. 

Give up? You’ll find the sought-after object resides towards the bottom right-hand side of the image. 

The answer resides towards the bottom right-hand side of the busy graphic and can be seen circled in red (pictured)

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