Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz have a lunch date in Brooklyn

Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz grabbed a bite to eat in Brooklyn, New York, Thursday, continuing to fuel relationship rumors between the actors.

The potential pair were seen strolling though the borough before stopping at a local Mexican eatery, where they sat together outside and downed tacos while in deep conversation.

At one point, a dog walker passed the venue and did a double take right in front of celebs. 

The “Magic Mike” star wore a mauve button-up over a white undershirt, black jeans and sneakers while the “High Fidelity” actress donned a red T-shirt, denim shorts and black mules. The rumored couple also wore shades, which Kravitz — who lives just a few blocks away from the Brooklyn taco joint — kept on throughout the lunch date.

Tatum and Kravitz looked relaxed in each other’s company, engaging in conversation with relative privacy, as the restaurant had only a few other patrons at the time.

Whlie they sat close enough for their knees to touch, they didn’t kiss, canoodle or engage in any blatant PDA — unlike another affectionate celeb couple.

Their latest sighting comes five days after they were snapped taking a walk together through Manhattan’s Central Park.

Tatum and Kravitz were also seen on back-to-back outings in the city in late August before they escaped to Upstate New York for a quick getaway.

Further fanning the flames of coupledom, Tatum began following several Zoë Kravitz fan pages on Instagram.

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