Contestant shockingly solves ‘Wheel of Fortune’ puzzle with just two letters

A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant shocked both host Pat Sajak and the viewing audience when she correctly solved a puzzle with almost no information.

During the popular game show’s Wednesday night airing, contestant Taya Somers was apparently in the zone during regulation play. About halfway through the game, she was given a 17-letter puzzle to solve, which she correctly did after finding zero vowels and just two consonants.

Before she agreed to venture a high-risk guess, the business owner and mother of five could only see: “_ – _ _ _ _ _ – _ _ _ _ – N _ – _ T_ _ _ .”

Undeterred, she surprised even her fellow contestants when she asked to solve the puzzle, correctly guessing: “A PLACE LIKE NO OTHER.”

Despite ranking among one of the quickest solves in recent memory for “Wheel of Fortune,” the impressive solve only earned her $650. However, she also walked away with an $8,000 trip to Peru, according to Yahoo Entertainment.

Sajak immediately came over to her and congratulated her, imitating the shocked face of fellow contestant Eliot Gaines, who was involved in an awkward moment with the host elsewhere in the broadcast. The people present weren’t the only ones surprised by the impressive in-game moment.

A couple of users took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the improbable guess, heaping praise on Taya for her mental gymnastics.

“Taya is like one of those idiot savants. I’m just an idiot,” one user wrote.

“Only 2 letters and Taya solved the puzzle real quick. That was one heck of a solve. I watch a lot of Wheel Of Fortune and I rarely make solves like that. At my Aunt’s house I once solved a puzzle without any letters,” another user wrote.

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