Doja Cat leads the trend of carrying a handbag made from GLASS

Would you carry a GLASS handbag on a night out? Fashionistas – including Kylie Jenner and Doja Cat – go wild for delicate $2,800 accessory by Parisian brand Coperni

  • Parisian brand Coperni teamed up Heven brand to create the Swipe bag
  • Accessory made from glass has proven popular with American celebrities 
  • Social media users have admitted they are eager to try the trend themselves 

A handbag made entirely from glass has become an unexpected must-have accessory for summer after being spotted on the arms of A-list celebrities ahead of its official release.

Parisian brand Coperni collaborated with handblown glassware maker Heven to create a glass version of their iconic Swipe handbag.

Doja Cat, Kylie Jenner and Tinashe are among the stars who are leading the trend after managing to get the $2,800 accessory before it hits shelves. 

On TikTok, over 5 million people have viewed #GlassBag, with many people admitting the IT item has been on their wish list since its debut at the Coperni Womenswear Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Paris Fashion Week show.

They don’t seem put off by the risk of the handbag shattering if it slips through your fingers while fumbling for your bank card, although the blow glass its made from is extra thick to offer some level of protection from cracking easily. 

Celebrities including Doja Cat (pictured) are leading the trend for glass handbags, after Parisian brand Coperni teamed up with Brooklyn-based Heven to create a glass Swipe bag

Kylie Jenner (pictured left) teamed a clear Coperni bag with a white business suit as she stepped out in Malibu, while sister Kim Kardashian (pictured right) donned her Coperni bag with a grey co-ord and strappy sandals 

Breanna Box and Peter Dupont of Heven claim they received a DM from Coperni’s Sébastien Meyer requesting to collaborate on a glass Swipe bag (pictured) 

Breanna Box and Peter Dupont launched Heven, based in Brooklyn, in late 2020 after taking up glass-blowing during the pandemic, with their collection of playful glassware for the home gaining a cult following.  

The pair said Coperni’s Sébastien Meyer sent them a DM to discuss the collaboration, before teaming up with the fabricators at Brooklyn Glass and Josh Raiff to make their dream of a glass Swipe bag a reality.

Peter told I-D that they had to use an air hose instead of blowing with their mouths because the material used to make the bag was so thick. 

‘I always have difficulty with this “art” thing, in terms of what we do. For me, art is something that doesn’t have a function. You can’t live in it, you can’t eat it; it’s just there and it has an aesthetic purpose. 

‘Our pieces always have a functionality and that’s one of the philosophies behind what we do with Heven. This bag is functional: you can put your phone in it, your wallet,’ Peter said. 

He added that Heven have plans for more glass bags and are ‘excited’ to make something that’s completely their own aesthetic after focusing on fitting into Coperni’s look. 

Tinashe (pictured) looked glamorous on the Grammy’s red carpet as she teamed a red Coperni glass handbag with a floor-length pink dress

Gigi Hadid, who previously stepped out with a glass bag back in 2018 (pictured), was chosen to model the Coperni glass Swipe handbag on the catwalk 

Having previously donned a glass handbag during New York Fashion Week back in 2018, it’s unsurprising Gigi Hadid was chosen to model Coperni’s glass bag on their catwalk. 

Doja Cat stunned at the 2022 Grammy Awards as she matched her light blue Atelier Versace gown with a Coperni glass Swipe handbag and attached a JBL speaker for a twist on the trend.

American singer Tinashe, also attended the annual music event carrying a glass Swipe handbag but paired with a floor-length frock. 

Kylie Jenner was spotted holding a clear version of the accessory, teamed with a white business suit as she joined her sisters in Malibu for a Hulu Press Day.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian also clung to a Coperni handbag while at Coachella to complete her grey co-ord look.

Gigi Hadid (pictured) took the Coperni Womenswear Fall/Winter 2022-2023 show as part of Paris Fashion Week wearing a pastel pink dress and clear glass handbag

Speaking about the trend, fashion stylist Ellis Ranson told FEMAIL: ‘We can finally see what’s inside a celebrity’s bag with the new ‘it bag’ no matter how whacky it might be. 

‘As Kylie says “I have nothing to hide and everything to promote”, so not only is it the latest hot accessory, it’s perfect for that product placement.. but how wearable is this new go to bag and why is it the latest hit?

‘It’s the modern Cinderella’s slipper and clearly everyone is making sure it fits with all of their looks. As a stylist, a bag can sometimes really elevate or ruin a look especially on the red carpet but I love this effortless style, I believe it completely elevates your whole outfit.

‘What makes it so on trend right now, is with the Y2Ks being such a hit, of course the latest bag will be inspired by the iPhone swipe to unlock and be as unwearable as the micro mini skirt and low rise jeans.. but all in the name of fashion we will try anything.’

Alexis Knox, from London, who has been a celebrity fashion stylist for over 15 years added: ‘For the Grammys 2022 quirky style icon Doja cat rocked a futuristic glass bag by Corperni Paris. Literally made of glass in collaboration with the glassware company Hevesy.

‘So do we really want people to see what mess we carry around in our bag?

‘Well for those living their life through the lense – yes! It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase what we want to world to know about us…marketing extraordinaire, Kylie Jenner, sported one – only managing to carry the weight one of her infamous lip kits in its fragile structure…perfect product placement.

‘If the price point of $2,700 feels a little steep for your clumsy self, then try the trend with one of the high streets many clear pvu back packs – perfect for festival season.

‘Or for a night out a clear plastic 00s style clutch bag with elevate any outfit…just be sure not to carry any dirty tissues.’

Social media users have been divided about the trend with many claiming they would do ‘anything’ to get a Coperni glass bag, while others argue it isn’t functional.

One person wrote: ‘Ever since I saw Doja Cat and Tinashe rock them at the Grammy’s, these little glass bags live rent free in my mind. I want’

‘I would do anything to get another Coperni glass bag,’ another said.

A third commented: ‘A glass handbag? I don’t know but it’s kinda cute’

A fourth added: ‘I would do a lot of thing for the Coperni glass bag.’ 

Many social media users have said they are eager to buy a glass handbag after seeing celebrities wear the accessory 

Posting on Twitter, one person wrote: ‘Whoever is trying to make glass handbags fashionable – just no’

Another said: ‘I think the glass handbags are very fun but they’re gonna be tired by next week’ 

‘The glass Coperni bag is literally just a vase or paperweight with horns,’ a third commented.

A fourth added: ‘Can someone enlighten me on why a glass handbag is even remotely desirable’ 

Other social media users have said they aren’t in a rush to buy the bag because they don’t think it’s functional 

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