Drake Wins Nearly $300,000 With Big Super Bowl Bets

Drake is collecting a big chunk of change after the Los Angeles Rams triumphed over the Cincinnati Bengals during Sunday’s Super Bowl LVI. The certified lover boy revealed last week that he was so confident that the Rams would emerge victorious, that he placed a bet of nearly $1.26 million in bitcoin.

Drake shared with his 102 million Instagram followers that he was willing to put his money where his mouth was. The rapper bet $470,000 that the Rams would win the game, $390,000 that Odell Beckham Jr. would run 62.5 receiving yards, and finally wagering $390,000 that the wide receiver would earn a touchdown.

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When asked about the bets, according to ESPN, the NFL superstar said with a laugh, “Man, I’ve got to come through for him!”

He promptly did just that, scoring on a 17-yard pass from Matthew Stafford with 6:22 left in the first quarter. Drizzy is set to collect over $840,000 from that touchdown alone.

Drake also made out big on his $470,000 bet that the Rams would win. They managed to eke it out at the last minute in a nail-biting final fourth quarter. The rapper should expect to see a $710,000 payout. Not bad at all.

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Drake won’t be collecting on his third bet after an injury in the second quarter cut Beckham’s game short. Drake had wagered that he would run 62.5 receiving yards, but he only managed to rack up 52.

A clip from the game showed an understandably nervous-looking Drake at SoFi stadium after Beckham’s injury, as it looked like one of his bets was all but lost, and he would need to Rams to pull through to avoid a financial disaster.

It’s also possible that the rapper was worried about his longtime friend. Drake has featured Beckham in several of his music videos, and the two even lived together for a brief stint. Their closeness could help explain Drake’s confidence in the NFL star’s athletic prowess.

Now that the big day is over, the Rams have walked away with the Super Bowl LVI trophy, it looks like Drake has walked away with $1.55 million, a good $290,000 in profit off his initial $1.26 million wager.

Drake isn’t alone in his Super Bowl bets, as the American Gaming Association estimated that Americans bet $7.6 billion in legal and illegal wagers on Super Bowl.

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Source: DailyMail, CBS Sports

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