El Gordo lottery results: Winning numbers as Spain’s Christmas lottery jackpot hits £364K

El Gordo lottery: People QUEUE for tickets in Spain

Children from Madrid’s San Ildefonso school have begun calling out winning numbers in Spain’s Christmas lottery this morning. Known as “EL Gordo”, which translates as the fat one, the popular lottery takes place every year on December 22 and is the second-longest continuously running lottery in the world – having first started in 1812.

The lottery is also considered the biggest lottery draw worldwide.

And this year, there’s 400,000 euros – or £364,000 – being shelled out.

But there’s a total of €2.4 billion in payouts available this year, much of it in smaller prizes.

Tickets cost €20 and will bear 5-digit numbers, from 00000 to 99999, and also have a ‘series’ which is identified on each.

So for example, you could purchase Series 001 Ticket 00000 or Series 100 Ticket 99999.

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Who won El Gordo? Winning numbers and results

The schoolchildren are currently signing out the numbers of the El Gordo lottery.

You can find the full results here – refresh your page as Express updates this article. Or head to the El Gordo website. 

First prize drawn was number 72897.

Third prize is 52472.

Fourth is 75981.

Other prizes include:

86986 – €60,000

37023 – €60,000

19371 – €60,000

49760 – €60,000

55483 – €60,000

28674 – €60,000

The number reveal starts at 9am and begins with two dome-shaped lottery machines spinning with numbered balls.

One of the golden domes contains the 100,000 numbers that have been put up for sale and the smaller one has 1,807 balls numbered with prizes.

There are 13 are big prizes overall, which range from €6,000 to €400,000 for El Gordo.

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