Engaging Jewelry Making Kits To Keep Your Little Jeweler Occupied Indoors

When it comes to the amount of things you can do inside to keep the little ones entertained, it can feel a bit limited. You’ve maxed out on puzzles, games, movies, and baking together. So, what can you possibly do next to keep them occupied (and keep you sane)? One of the best crafts you can do to keep your child engaged for hours or maybe even days on end is creating some jewelry that they can then proudly wear. There are so many jewelry making kits you can choose from to meet your kid’s style.

Whether your little one’s preferred style is formed or it changes everyday, there is a range of jewelry making kits that they’ll love. From fun tassels they’ll be entranced with or more chunky charm bracelets, you can keep their attention with this interactive activity. To give you some time back, we’ve rounded up the best jewelry making kits that will keep them on their toes so you can get some much needed alone time.

1. Wooden Charm & Tassel Kit

Mix up your child’s typical jewelry making kit game with this next level option. This kit features wooden pieces accompanied by playful and colorful tassels, along with encouraging and positive phrases. This boho-chic accessory kit allows them to create up to 10 DIY pieces, with four etched pieces that say things like “soar,” “love,” and “wander” as a daily word of encouragement. With these unique pieces, your child will feel free to express themselves and build confidence along the way.

2. Just My Style ABC Beads

If you really need to call in backup to get some extra time on your hands, opt for this personalized ABC jewelry making kit. With over 1,000 charms and beads inside, your little one will be entertained for days with all the possibilities they can whip up. These charms and beads will allow them to create up to 40 pieces they can wear. Whether they want to spell out their name, create bracelets for friends, or wear encouraging phrases, they’ll learn the power of making their own items.

3. Jewelry Findings Set

If you have a future professional jeweler on your hands, they’ll be overjoyed with this ultimate jewelry making kit. With this complete set, they’ll have all the essential hardware and tools they’ll need to take their jewelry making game to the next level. This pro kit includes pliers to help them pick up small pieces. tweezers, and four kinds of barbed wire for their creations. You’ll also find open jump rings, earrings hooks, lobster clasps and much more to make their crafting dreams come true.

4. Lollibeads Kit

Whip up high quality leather charm bracelets with this stylish jewelry making kit. This mega kit includes more than 500 mixed beads in styles like faux pearl, silver plated and rhinestone pavé clay beads, 20 mixed charms, dangle hangers in tassel, silver plated, and crystal birth stones. It also includes all the essentials like beading wire and string, jump rings, and leather cords. They’ll spend hours crafting up personalized bracelets for friends and to amp up their own jewelry collection.

5. DIY Charm Bracelet Making Kit

Consider this jewelry making kit charm heaven. Equipped with two bracelets, three necklaces, 19 metal beads, 18 dangling beads, 10 rainbow beads, four glass beads, and three diamond-like beads, their options will be limitless. The best part is that this kit doesn’t require any complicated tools, so they’ll have a fun and frustration-free time creating designs for themself, friends, and you. It’s also adorned in a magical unicorn box that they’ll love every time they pull out the box.

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