Ex-Husband Shoots Pregnant Ex-Wife and Her Boyfriend in Front of Her Kids at Soccer Game Before Killing Himself: Texas Police

Terrifying video shows children fleeing the field for their lives.

A mother, her unborn child and her boyfriend have all been killed in a brutal murder-suicide perpetrated by her ex-husband, police in Texas said.

The couple were callously gunned down in front of her two children as they played in a soccer tournament in north Harris County on Sunday morning.

According to Harris County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to the shooting at Matias Almeyda Training Center facility at 10:15 AM. There they found a 35-year-old Hispanic man shot dead, and his pregnant 28-year-old girlfriend suffering from a gunshot wound.

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She was immediately rushed to hospital, but neither she nor the baby survived.

“Deputies interviewed family members, we identified the suspect as ex-husband or boyfriend of the female victim,” Sheriff Ed Gonzales said.

Two hours later, deputies tracked the suspect to a home in Greater Inwood; they found him dead of what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Terrifying video from the soccer complex shows children fleeing the field for their lives as the gunfire broke out, leaping over fences and running for cover.

“I was on the bench, I was watching the game until I heard the first gunshot,” Angel Guerrero told NBC News. “I looked around to see what was happening, I thought it was a car crashing or a wheel exploding or something like that.”

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“That’s when I saw the guy pick up the gun and started shooting again, both the woman and the man.”

“It’s just a surprise… things happen like this, you don’t really expect it at a soccer game.”

More than 100 people had gathered for the game when the shooting took place in the carpark right beside the field.

Neither the suspect nor the victims have yet been identified. It is unclear if the suspect was the father of the two children playing in the tournament, or the unborn child.

Investigators also learned that the suspect had texted relatives that he planned to kill himself.

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