Foodie’s milk hack gives Yorkshire puddings a deliciously perfect rise

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A Brit who posted a snap of his beef Sunday Lunch on Reddit has provided his failsafe Yorkshire pudding recipe after posters begged him for it.

The poster uploaded the snap of his delicious dinner and said: “Locked down on my lonesome, what else to do but cook a f*** off roast beef?”

In the photo was a lovely pink beef joint, cabbage, carrots, crispy roast potatoes, gravy and some divine Yorkshire puds.

And, he was soon inundated with compliments and recipe requests.

One person said: “The Yorkshires, OMG.”

“My underwear is getting tight just looking at those,” replied another.

What's your best Yorkshire pudding tip? Tell us in the comments…

A third added: “Your Yorkshires are nipple erecting.”

“Finally someone who knows what one proper serving of Yorkie Puds looks like,” commented a fourth.

While another shouted: “WE NEED YOUR YORKSHIRES RECIPE.”

Luckily for the hungry posters, the OP obliged.

The bloke said: “I made the Yorkshire batter by whisking 70g of plain flour with 2 eggs using a fork, then I added 100ml of oat milk (only milk I had) and whisked aggressively, then I added some salt and pepper.

“Put the Yorkshire tray in the oven with some vegetable oil (didn't have sunflower).

“Once the Yorkshire’s oil was hot I removed it and poured the batter in and put the Yorkshire’s in and timed 20 mins.

“It's really important you don't open the oven until the Yorkshires are finished.”

He added: “I also used oat milk instead of regular milk because it was the only milk I had, I don't know if that made a difference.”

Adding their two pence of advice, another poster said: “Use vegetable oil instead of olive oil as it gets hotter.

“Pre-heat the oil in the tin for like 15 mins so it’s smoking hot then pour the batter in and get it back in the oven ASAP.

“This next part is key… do not open the oven for at least 25 minutes, preferably 30.

“That should give you some pretty tidy Yorkshires.”

A poster complimented the cook, and said: “Right, everyone who posts their Yorkies on this sub asking how they’ve done, use this as the reference photo for how they should look.”

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