Formula E champion Jean-Eric Vergne fainted after Marrakesh ePrix after testing negative for coronavirus – The Sun

TWO-TIME Formula E champion Jean-Eric Vergne fainted after the Marrekesh ePrix after suffering from illness.

The Frenchman missed practice on Friday after being sent to hospital to be checked for coronavirus.

Vergne was given the all-clear to race and managed to climb from 11th to third with the illness to claim his first set of points of the season.

But a day before the race Vergne was losing his mind in a Moroccan hospital room after being in quarantine for ten hrs.

He said: "I have spent the last three days in bed with fever and a 40 degree temperature.

"Not able to move, I didn't have strength to pour a bottle of water.

"And yesterday I went to the hospital, I thought it was to fix me but actually it was to be tested for coronavirus.

"I didn't think I had it (coronavirus), but you never know.

"Nevertheless, I get stuck in all day thinking they will treat me so I can do practice, but actually it was a test for Coronavirus.

"So I was in quarantine in a hospital in Marrakesh which you do not want to go to.

"And I could not get out of my room for ten hours.

"I was going crazy. I think there is still marks on the walls.

"I got out of the car today and fainted."

Antonio Felix Da Costa won in Marrakesh and paid tribute to his Techeetah teammate after the race.

He said: "I have to say to Vergne, hats off.

"This guy had a tough week, so hats off to him, he's had a hard day, i think he is still struggling right now.

"But he pulled a podium for the team so well done."

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