Harry Styles Sings (and Swims!) in a Dramatic Sheer Chiffon Blouse with a Train in the "Falling" Music Video

It’s a big day for music. Two severely underrated indie artists released music videos today: Lady Gaga and Harry Styles. Based on what we’ve seen, these two have what it takes to truly make it in this industry!

With "Falling," Styles gave stans everything they’ve ever wanted from him: emotional ballad eye contact (is there any other kind?), chiffon blouse envy, and partial nudity.

See, the blouse in question (made all the more blouse-y by a train that trails down his piano bench and along the floor) is sheer — a reality that presents itself once Styles is fully submerged in water. Why is he submerged in water, you ask? His piano has sprung a leak, drat! Call the piano plumber!

Despite the rising water levels, Styles continues to sing and occasionally make the emotional ballad eye contact we crave. Who knew drowning in a Victorian living room, immersed in the physical depths of your emotions could be so … hot?

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