I gave my partner a gift I won at Christmas raffle – now he wants to dump me

Christmas is a time of giving – whether that is giving back to your community or gifting presents to your loved ones.

No matter the price attached to the present or act, it is commonly believed "it is the thought that counts".

Or so this one woman thought, as her Christmas presents for her boyfriend have caused their relationship to fall apart.

After entering a raffle at work, the woman won a brand new Nintendo Switch which she thought would be the perfect gift for her partner.

But the free gaming console was not the sole cause of the carnage.

She also gifted him a pair of personalised scented candles that she made herself – and now the boyfriend is distraught about the lack of money she spent on him.

Now fearing that she is in the wrong, she took to Reddit to explain the relationship dilemma.

She said: “For my work Christmas party (end of November) we had a raffle, with the prize being a Nintendo Switch, something my boyfriend was considering getting himself.

“I ended up winning and immediately thought he’d love it. I also wanted to make him two candles, one with the main scents of the perfume that I wear that he likes, and the second of scents that he likes.

“I thought these would be great presents.”

And how wrong she was.

“When opening my presents, he was excited about the Nintendo Switch but didn’t seem that excited about the candles. I wrote little notes with the candles but he barely even glanced at them," she continued.

“He was upset that I had only gotten him ‘one real gift’ when he got me 3, which made him feel under appreciated.”

She continued: “I was confused because I thought the candles were ‘real’ gifts but asked him what was a ‘real’ gift.

“He said it was something you put money and thought into, and that it shouldn’t be something he could get if he just asked me for it for free.

“I was kinda offended and said that the Nintendo must not be a real gift because I didn’t pay for it but got it from work. He got upset, insinuated that I’d left his gift last minute, and was getting defensive over it before leaving.”

Since having the argument, the pair do not seem to be on good terms as the woman has dropped back the gift voucher and the necklace he bought her.

She revealed: “We got into a fight as I felt like he was saying my time wasn’t enough and hung up. I’m planning on driving past his place and dropping off the gifts he got me lol.”

Overwhelmingly, many people took the side of the woman and took to the comments to defend her.

One person commented: “A gift is something you put time and effort into. A gift shouldn’t revolve around the monetary aspect.”

Another user added: “It's the thought that counts, not the money. Also the candles cost you money because of the supplies needed to make it and free or not, the Nintendo was also a nice present since she won it for her boyfriend, adding even more value to it.”

A third person said: “You didn’t just throw together random things you got for free without any consideration on if he would like them.

"They were thoughtful and a gift is much more than just how much you spent.”

However, some people saw that the woman was in the wrong for being ‘cheap’.

One user voiced: “I view your cheapness as a red flag that I certainly would consider as it pertains to the future of a relationship and your willingness to pull your own weight financially.”

As someone else shared: “Just because you like something doesn't mean the receiver will. It's your hobby, not his.”

Let us know in the comments if you think the woman is in the wrong!

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