I pick up guys for-no strings sex – brother calls me disgusting but I feel hot

My brother says I’m disgusting for enjoying “stranger sex”, but it’s become my thing.

I’m picking up lovers all over the place and I feel liberated and sexy for the first time in my life.

I look fitter and healthier. Colleagues say I’ve become more confident too.

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In December I had my heart broken by my fiancé. He spat that he no longer loved me and wanted my engagement ring to give to his new girlfriend. At that moment something inside me snapped. Now I meet guys for no-strings sex.

How dare my brother attempt to judge me when he has no idea of what I’ve been through?

JANE SAYS: I get the impression you’re flying high at the moment. Your ex-fiancé hurt and humiliated you by going off with another woman and demanding the ring back.

Of course, you’re entitled to enjoy yourself but please be careful.

Always consider your safety and your personal limits. Always use a condom and tell friends where you’ll be.

You don’t have to explain or ­justify yourself, but your brother clearly loves you, so reassure him that you’re okay. I suspect that once you’ve stopped hurting, you’ll calm down. Remember that your ex is just that – your ex – and you don’t have to pay him back or prove anything to him.

Girl's wasting her life in bed

My stepdaughter (20) is wasting her life. She went travelling after school and is now living off us. She’s either in bed or demanding money. I’ve found her five possible jobs, but she’s not interested. I want my husband (her father) to tackle her but he won’t.

JANE SAYS: It’s vital you both support her in doing something; be it volunteering, work experience or going back to her studies.

It’s possible that she’s so disillusioned – or even depressed – that she doesn’t know which way to turn. Help her; don’t condemn her as she can’t possibly be happy. Sit down and ask her what’s going on. She sounds lost.


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