I was convinced I was gay but now I am having sexual fantasies about women – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAVE known I was gay since I was 13. I’m a lad of 18 and have been in a relationship with another guy for just over a year.

He is 20. I am out but have recently started to question whether I might be bisexual and it is causing me some worry.

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I have started having sexual feelings for women. When I spend time with women, I find myself fantasising about them and my feelings for men don’t seem to be as strong.

Is this normal? There is a lot of help for heterosexual men questioning their sexuality but there doesn’t seem to be much support if you are gay and questioning your sexuality.

DEIDRE SAYS: Our sexuality is far from black-and-white, falling one side of the fence or the other.

Maybe you are seeing women differently as you get to know more and perhaps feel more confident around them.

Talk it all over with someone understanding at Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline (switchboard.lgbt, 0300 330 0630).
In the meantime, my e-leaflet on Bisexual Issues will help you too.

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