If you get this email from Sky TV you aren’t going to like it one bit

We knew it was coming but now Sky is making its price rise official. The satellite TV firm has just begun sending out emails to all those affected by the hike which could see some paying over £70 more per year. In the email, seen by Express.co.uk, Sky explains: “At Sky, we aim to bring you the most unmissable entertainment and innovative products that you can enjoy, 365 days a year.

“So that we can continue to give you the best experience possible, we occasionally need to review our pricing. Your price will change in your April bill and is clearly laid out below.”

The message then goes on to reveal just how much more you’ll pay each month with different plans and services subject to different hikes in price.

For example, those who subscribe to Sky Entertainment and Multiscreen will pay £3 per month extra whilst those with Sky Broadband Essential will pay £2 more each month.

Here’s all the changes coming to your Sky bill.

Sky Entertainment • £2.00 per month rise

Sky Broadband Essential • £2.00 per month rise

Sky Q Multiscreen • £1.00 per month rise

Sky HD • £1.00 per month rise


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If you happen to subscribe to all of the services above you’ll now pay £6 more per month or £72 over the course of a year.

Speaking about the price increase, a spokesperson said: ”We know price increases are never welcome, so we try to keep prices down while continuing to bring customers the best entertainment all in one place, leading customer service and even more flexibility to choose the package that best suits them.”

The changes will come into effect from April 1, 2020.

Although this rise is bad news, there is an update which could save you money.

Sky TV customers who also want to tune into some BT Sport action can now get these extra channels at a cheaper price.

The satellite TV firm has just announced a new range of plans which feature Sky Sports and BT Sports for one monthly price.

Until now it was only possible to get BT Sport via an additional – and rather expensive – subscription plan.

That’s all changed with three options becoming available to Sky users.

The first includes Sky Sports and BT Sport for £35 which saves fans a total of 35 percent off the previous option.

You can also get a package which features Sky Sports and BT Sport, plus Sky Entertainment for £47 a month which saves a whopping 40 percent off the previous pricing.

Finally, there’s the option to simply bolt on BT Sport to what you already have at a cost of £25 per month.

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