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DEAR DEIDRE I’M having the most fantastic sex with my mum’s best friend.

We are both enjoying it so much and not hurting anyone but I know my mum would freak out if she knew.

I am a guy of 29 and broke up with my girlfriend last year when I learned she was cheating on me. I went back to live with my mum, who was very sympathetic.

Then coronavirus arrived. I’m a key worker and my mum’s house is a long way from my work.

I used to do the journey by bus, which worried my mum. She arranged for me to stay with her best friend who lives walking distance from my workplace.

I was reluctant at first as I was worried it would be awkward, even though her friend is younger than my mum at 45. She’s divorced and a friendly, sexy woman.

After I’d been there just a day, she left some of her undies drying in the bathroom overnight – sexy, black lacey bras and panties.

The first weekend I was staying there I went out for a run on the Saturday ­morning.

She was just coming out of the bathroom with only a towel round her as I got back to the house. I was shocked but she looked so sexy and I was aroused too.

I told her she looked great and over breakfast admitted I’d not had sex for nearly a year.


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She said, “We’ll have to do something about that,” but I told myself she just meant she’d help find me a girlfriend.

We watched TV together that evening and ended up snuggled up on the sofa, but ­neither of us made a move.

She went up to bed first and I felt rather disappointed.

But as I came up later she called me into her room and said, “Come in here and keep me warm.”

I got into bed with her and she said, “Let’s enjoy one another. No one will know.”

I’d left my pants on and she tugged them off. She was already naked and the sex was brilliant.

We have sex most nights now and she says we are each other’s “lockdown prize”. She is amazing in bed.

But my mum would be horrified. Should I stop it or is it OK to carry on?

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DEIDRE SAYS: You are both adults without commitments but do you see this turning into a serious long-term relationship?

That sounds unlikely but letting this fling continue risks your mum finding out and feeling very hurt.

Your mother/son relationship would probably survive that, though it would at least be awkward for a spell, but it would probably end your mum’s friendship with your lover.

Is that fair?

If you know this is just an episode for you, stop having sex now and move back to your mum’s as soon as is feasible.

If you have seriously fallen for one another, then it’s different and you should break the news to your mum together and reassure her that you are both as fond of her as ever. Hopefully she will adjust.

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