Influencer shares how photo tricks can change bum shape in pics taken secs apart

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A social media star has revealed how different poses and lighting can change the shape of your bum in photos she took "two second apart".

Fitness influencer Hayley Madigan, who is known for her body positive posts, took to her Instagram page to share the two pictures side-by-side.

They saw the brunette wearing the same burnt orange bikini, however her bum appeared to be slightly different in each of the snaps.

The left photo saw Hayley's booty appear pert and rounded as she arched her leg and bank and posed in good lighting.

However, in the second, it seemed slightly flatter as she posed in the string swimwear.

Hayley told fans she would have 'criticised her body' when seeing the right photo previously.

However, now she stays away from negative talk.

Addressing her 493,000 followers in the caption, she wrote: |Two seconds apart. Different perspective.⁣

"Let’s talk about negative self talk.

"Seeing the right hand image would have made the old me, talk negatively towards myself. ⁣ I would have criticised my body and would have reverted back to thinking that I needed to be leaner. Even though my body looks different in different poses, lighting and perspectives etc.

"Negative self talk is very common especially with disordered eating or body dysmorphia.⁣

"A way that helped me and helps my clients is noticing what your inner critical voice says about your body, your actions or your own self. This inner dialogue will speak you to you in a negative manner but it’s important to highlight this and then you are in a position to stand up to it!"

She continued: "The inner critic has been created based on outside influences and learning, such as other people’s criticism, expectations, or society’s standards. ⁣⁣

"It is important to remember that this inner critic isn’t you! So separating it from your own identity, will be allowing you to start freeing yourself from its influence.⁣

"Start noticing the good things about yourself. No matter what the inner critic has told you, you do have positive traits, so start to believe in them and believe in yourself.

"Remember people see you without this negative dialogue, they see you for you! Your beautiful soul⁣. Your kind heart. And your ability to spread joy amongst others.⁣

"In this crazy world we live in, you’ll find you have more space in your head and heart for others when you eliminate this inner critic … stand up to it and believe in yourself like you believe in your best friend."

Her fans were loving the honest post, with it racking up more than 17,000 likes.

One gushed: "You are wonderful," as another added: "Proud of you."

A third chimed in: "So true! Been harder on myself physically the past couple days. It's so helpful to have these reminders and focus on how I feel vs how I may look."

Hayley is known for her body confidence posts online.

She previously revealed her 'real booty' as she exposed advertisers' 'perfected images' in another post.

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