Its worrying Meat & lettuce shelves left empty at Morrisons store due to global events

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A Morrisons store in Hull, Yorkshire, has run out of meat and lettuce. The supermarket issued an apology when one customer took photos of the empty shelves.

A customer affected by the food shortage explained why the sight of the empty shelves was worrying.

He stated: “You’d expect the big supermarkets to have this sort of stuff in stock.

“It’s worrying that they can’t even get the basics like salad and chicken in.”

He continued that the incident highlights a deeper issue.

He added: “It’s not the end of the world but when you’re turning to frozen and tinned items instead, it really says something about where we’re going.

“Whatever the issue is, it needs sorting.”

Morrisons has apologised for the inconvenience caused by the shortage of some staple food items.

The supermarket put a notice in the store blaming supply issues for running out of lettuce.

It read: “Due to disruptions within our supply chain, we are seeing low availability on lettuce.

“Apologies for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.”

The lack of meat and lettuce in the Morrisons store may be attributed to world events.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has raised fears of food shortages worldwide.

Indeed, some 30 percent of the world’s wheat comes from Ukraine and Russia, informed the National Farmers’ Union (NFU).

Ambassador Barbara Woodward spoke about this crisis at the UN Arria formula meeting on Conflict and Hunger.

She said: “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has disrupted the export of one third of the world’s wheat.

“So, Russia’s actions directly result in 1.7 billion people, in 107 economies, being severely exposed to at least one of rising food, or energy prices, or tighter finance conditions.”

While places like Sudan, Somalia and South Sudan are “likely to be hardest hit”, with prices of wheat tripling in the last eight weeks, the war is affecting countries worldwide.

The recent flooding in Spain has also raised food fears.

Industrial action by lorry drivers in Spain due to rising fuel costs has also impacted supermarkets in the UK.

Morrisons isn’t the only supermarket struggling, with the Co-op’s boss also speaking about the chain’s struggle with sourcing supplies of lettuce, vegetable oil and rapeseed oil.

While the oil shortages were reportedly due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, floods in Spain were blamed for the reduced supplies of lettuce.

Others blame the situation on the UK’s international relationships, with @NorthwichSteve1 tweeting: “We just have to learn how to cope with less, how to cope after putting sanctions on ourselves, how to cope after leaving the world’s biggest trading block.

“The UK is going to have to start living with the choices we made, no going back. It’ll be hard slog and not rewarding but…”

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