Ive gone to Paris and Cannes for dates – I want a man who likes finer things

First dates aren't always easy.

Often singletons head for a couple of drinks, while other daring people enjoy a lovely dinner together.

But for one woman, drinks and dinner doesn't even cut it for her, in fact, she loves heading abroad for her first dates.

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Amy* doesn't just date any sort of bloke, she tends to go for older men and CEOs who enjoy the finer things in life.

According to the travel influencer, men would typically spend from the low thousands to £100,000 just to woe her.

The 26-year-old, who also has her own skincare business, says it can be anything including private jets, yachts and fancy hotels.

Earlier this year, Amy enjoyed event tickets to Formula 1 in Monaco – and recently headed to Monaco, Paris and Cannes for a date.

She told Mirror Online: "Nine out of 10 of my dates have been CEOs because I like people who are super successful and are super financially free and CEOs typically have the most freedom with their own schedules.

"They tend to be millionaires and billionaires. That's important because I want to be successful and create that lifestyle.

"But ultimately, it's about the personality and the vibe."

Amy often meets blokes from dating app Seeking, which has a monthly membership from £80.

But despite her lavish lifestyle, she insists she comes from a hardworking family with an artistic background.

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She added: "I love luxury – luxury goods, fashion. I'm naturally drawn to quality things.

"It's a lifestyle where it's very easy, very convenient, very beautiful and inspiring and exciting.

"Being around like-minded people has shown me this is what I want in my life."

Often Amy sets her dating app location to a place she'd like to visit, then speaks to lads in the area until she finds a connection.

She usually spends a date or two chatting online, with video calls with the potential dates.

But before she takes things to the next step, Amy Googles their name, number and company to see if details they've told her match up.

Then she gets invited to stay for a few days in a hotel – and if she feels comfortable she'll even give her passport details so they can book flights.

And she's not scared of meeting her very own Tinder Swindler, as she insists she's "super independent" with her own money.

She admitted: "So if anything goes wrong, I will just leave. The first date will always be public and then if the vibe is off, I'll just be like, 'hey, you know what, like, I'm gonna fly back home'.

"I'm not as worried about meeting a scammer because I know that if anything feels off, I trust my intuition and I can act accordingly."

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Amy goes for old men, usually in their mid to late forties, because she believes these kind of lads will know how to look after her.

"I like having the age gap because I actually get a lot out of it. Personally and professionally," she continued.

"I find that super sexy in a man and super masculine to be able to be taken care of."

Now she's just casually dating until she finds the right person to settle down and marry.

She concluded: "I actually don't find a lot of people criticise me for it, but if they do, then I would just be like, 'hey, this is my life, this is what I value and these are my goals'. I'm going to go for what I want in life. I’m happy, go live your life."

*Amy's full name has been changed to protect her anonymity.

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