Janet Devlin now – X Factor star swipe, dramatic makeover and lingerie snaps

X Factor saw many teen stars plunge into the spotlight, one of which was 17-year-old Janet Devlin.

Janet appeared on The X Factor back in 2011 as a sweet and timid teen, but a decade later as the star celebrates 10 years since she first performed Your Song in front of the judges, her life has changed substantially.

The star took to the stage for her first audition at 16-years-old and turned 17 over the course of the show before landing fifth place in the competition.

Upon her exit, she wanted to focus on making her own music and opted to avoid re-releasing other peoples' music – and now she's gearing up for her first official release of that track.

But what has she been up to since her exit?


X Factor's Janet Devlin looks a far cry from her teenage self, with the beauty donning a full face of makeup in recent snaps.

Her hair has certainly contributed to her new look with Janet opting for both bleach blonde and a shocking pink in recent weeks.

The star, who often walked onto the stage in barefoot when she was just a teen, said she faced a shocking amount of backlash following her time on the show.

However, she confessed on an Instagram live that the heckling and challenges she faced helped shape her into who she is now – and she's overjoyed with how her life is panning out.

Breakdown and music exit

Janet had a three-day exit from her music career after she had a breakdown and felt she had to leave.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, she said: "I wrote a letter to my team and said I quit, I'm going home to live with my parents.

"I literally lasted three days. My first thought when I got back to Ireland was about forming a band, so I realised I wasn't leaving music, I was just doing it elsewhere.

"Luckily when I got back in contact with my team they could tell it was just a moment of mental illness shall we say."

Mental health diagnosis

Janet explained that she had faced mental health battles throughout her career, but she didn't realise what she suffered with until two years after she briefly quit music.

She said: "I definitely went through self care and started looking after myself, but it took me two years before I got my diagnosis about my mental health.

"I just knew there was something wrong. I had already gone to rehab and done all the work there, but it still happened. Eventually I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and bipolar.

"When you get older you need to look after yourself. I got a dog, I had an ESA (emotional support animal). It was all necessary so I could see what looking after myself looks like."


Janet, who has been sober for six years now after attending AA and therapy, previously told Belfast Live that she is "better" and doesn't "lie on the floor crying at 3am any more", adding that she doesn't act on the self destructive behaviours.

She has been candid about her alcoholism and mental health issues over the years and has said she believes she's "addicted to self destruction".

Janet has been fighting to support herself and uses TikTok as a place to share her dark humour.

X Factor stars swipe

Janet has always said that she wanted to focus on releasing her own music because she wanted to be in the music industry because "she should be".

Seemingly swiping at former X Factor stars, she said: "I always wanted to be in the music industry if I should be. Just because you do a TV talent show doesn't mean you're entitled to be in the music industry, I don't think.

"They're two different things, one is reality television and the other is music and craft. Those two things sit very differently from each other.

"It doesn't mean you can't do both, but they're very separate. I wanted to earn my place in the music industry. I knew there was an easy route of leaving the show and releasing Your Song, but I didn't want to be in the music industry like that."

TikTok career

Aside from her music, Janet has launched a career on TikTok as a content creator. The star has referenced her X Factor stint while making hilarious videos regarding her own experiences.

She has praised the platform for opening up new avenues for budding music artists, adding: "People are discovering talent in different ways now, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram. It's nice to have options."

Janet also said that she loves using the popular platform and continues to prioritise making content for the social media site – and her fans seem to love it too.

Now a decade on, Janet has decided to release her audition track of Your Song, which people have connected her to since her initial debut.

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