Jersey Shore Stars React to Show's Baby Boom and Share New Year's Resolutions (Exclusive)

The Situation also opens up about how much it "sucked" to spend Romeo's first Christmas in Covid quarantine.

This season on “Jersey Shore Family Vacation,” the show gains two more meatballs in Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s firstborn, Romeo, and Deena Nicole Cortese’s baby boy Cameron. And seeing these stars, who became famous from Boardwalk fights in Seaside Heights, adjust to parenthood has been a marvel for not only the fans to watch, but the cast themselves.

“I feel like Deena is born to be a mom, she’s a pro,” Vinny Guadagnino said when TooFab caught up with the cast ahead of the Season 5 premiere. “It was actually amazing seeing her with Cameron, how chill she is now.”

“She’s just like throwing him around like he’s a little rag doll, sleeping on the arm of the sofa, she’s not worried about it because she’s such a pro,” he said with a laugh. “Your first baby, you’re real careful about everything.”

“With Mike, we got to see his whole journey of becoming a father and he fit right into it,” Vin continued. “Romeo is like the cutest baby ever, so it was really cool to see that end of it too.”

“I feel like Mike is an amazing dad. He was so excited to be a dad and right when little Romeo was born, it was just so natural to him,” added Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. “They’re literally twins. Mike’s mini-me.”

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Pauly D, meanwhile, said he loved seeing the next generation of fist-pumpers becoming BFFs themselves — especially Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Snooki’s daughters, Meilani and Giovanna.

“It’s awesome to see the girls with their girls. Sissy [Giovanna’s nickname] is a mini-Nicole,” he explained. “I have to sometimes look twice. If you look at a throwback picture of them two and their kids now, it’s the same thing. it’s really awesome to see in person.”

Of course, adding kids to the mix also has a bit of an affect on filming — as the crew has to be on their best behavior when their children are around.

“For me, when my kids are on the vacations with me, as a parent I have to watch what I say,” admitted Jenni. “Sometimes I gotta mind my Ps and Qs because we’ll be talking about something and Meilani will be like, ‘Angelina what?’ or ‘Aunt Nicole, what?'”

The group also made it clear that while they made a name for themselves on reality TV, they don’t necessarily want their kids to do the same. “God, I hope not!” exclaimed JWoww when asked if their kids could have a future doing reality shows, “As a parent, you want your kids to do better.” Both Snooki and Pauly echoed that sentiment, telling their kids to “be better than us, please!”

While the show’s stars are all thrilled to be parents, it’s been a bit of a rocky start to 2022 for Sitch, Lauren Sorrentino and son Romeo. Mike revealed on Christmas Eve that he would be spending the holiday quarantining away from his wife and son, after testing positive for Covid.

“It definitely sucked. Me and my wife, we were lucky that our symptoms were very mild,” he told TooFab. “My wife was opening presents with Romeo while I was on the top floor sobbing because I wanted to be down there.”

“Luckily now, it’s been about 10 days and everyone’s better. We’re grateful to be moving forward,” he added.

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Looking ahead at the new year, the cast also shared their resolutions with each other — whether it be trying to avoid pressing certain buttons or their hopes for things to do together going forward.

“I think our resolutions are pressing more buttons! I don’t think it would work if we didn’t press buttons,” joked Vinny. And while Mike exclaimed, “Same Situation, same hustle for me,” Angelina Pivarnick was taking the opposite approach — telling TooFab, “New Year, new me!”

“My New Year’s resolution is to make memories with family, with my husband, with my kids and then all of you guys,” replied Deena, while Angelina added that she too wanted to “go on a lot of vacations” with her cast members.

“Wherever, as long as there’s alcohol and there’s them, I don’t care. I want to get away. I have a lot coming up in my life,” she added, as Vinny suggested Mexico and added, “It’s always a good time there.”

Pauly, meanwhile, crossed his fingers for some international travel — saying, “We did Italy once, so why not something like that again?”

MTV, you listening?

Season 5 of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” premieres Thursday, January 6 on MTV.

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