Kate Middleton and Prince William are ensuring monarchy stays relevant

Kate Middleton and Prince William are ‘making sure they’re visible’ and ‘sharing personal insights’ to ensure the monarchy stays relevant amid the coronavirus crisis, royal expert claims

  • Kate Middleton, 38, and Prince William, 37, are ‘making sure they stay visible’
  • The couple have been ‘sharing personal insights’ to ensure they stay relevant
  • Royal expert Roya Nikkhah spoke to BBC Breakfast about the duo’s work today 
  • Comes as the Duke and Duchess spoke openly about challenges of lockdown  
  • Learn more about how to help people impacted by COVID

Kate Middleton and Prince William are ‘making sure they’re visible’ and ‘sharing personal insights’ to ensure the monarchy stays relevant amid the coronavirus crisis, a royal expert has claimed.

Royal expert Roya Nikkhah appeared on BBC Breakfast to discuss the Duke, 37, and Duchess of Cambridge’s, 38, interview this morning in which the couple opened up about the challenges of lockdown. 

Kate and Prince William spoke about home schooling Prince George, 6, Princess Charlotte, 4, and Prince Louis, 1, during the Easter holidays without telling them and told of their fears for Prince Charles over his coronavirus diagnosis. 

Roya revealed: ‘The very clever thing the Cambridges have always done is they’ve always given us just enough of a little insight into their personal life, what it’s like at home with George, Charlotte and Louis,  so people understand that they are going through similar things to what everyone else is going through.’

Kate Middleton, 38, and Prince William, 37, are ‘making sure they’re visible’ and ‘sharing personal insights’ into their life to ensure the monarchy stays relevant amid the coronavirus crisis, according to royal expert Roya Nikkhah

The royal expert explained: ‘Kate and William are making sure they’re visible, and that’s been the case for the royal family since the start of the outbreak.

‘It’s a really interesting point I think, a lot of people often ask, “What is the point of the royal family?”

‘I think their public response at the moment, being visible, whether it’s via video link or phone calls, is very important.’

Roya also paid tribute to the amount of work the Duke and Duchess have been doing with the Royal Foundation during the pandemic.

The royal expert revealed how the couple were offering the public insights into their personal life, including during an interview with the BBC this morning (pictured)

She continued: ‘I know, as well as being very visible, William and Kate have been doing an awful lot behind the scenes with their foundation about how to support key workers both in coronavirus and beyond.’

‘I think they feel it’s important to keep supporting key workers, getting the message across about mental health, opening hospitals. 

‘The bread and butter of what a lot of the public want to see from the royal family.’

She went on to discuss how both Kate and Prince William had opened up about their own emotions and mental health during the pandemic, sharing personal insights into their life with the public.

Last month the couple posted a video clip of their children Prince George, 6, Princess Charlotte, 4, and Prince Louis, 1, applauding for the NHS 

She said: ‘I think when William started campaigning for mental health a long time ago with Kate and Harry, a lot of people looked to him and thought, “Well if you want us to break down the stigma around talking about mental health, people want to hear it from you”. 

‘He’s been very good over the years, he’s talked about the loss of his mother and now he has spoken about his worries about his father.’ 

She also revealed how Kate and Prince William had become ‘very good’ at revealing tidbits of information about their family life, allowing the public to feel a kinship with the royals.

She said: ‘William’s father was diagnosed with COVID-19 and he is worried about his grandparents who are self-isolating. Yes they might be doing it with a lot of space in Norfolk, but they are going through similar things to what a lot of people are with coronavirus.’

The royal expert appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning to discuss the Cambridge’s work throughout the coronavirus crisis 

Earlier today the couple opened up to BBC Breakfast about the challenges of life in lockdown from their home of Anmer Hall

Earlier today Prince William and Kate told BBC Breakfast in an interview broadcast that it had been ‘challenging’ to teach their three children – which they indicated had been hardcore by saying they had ‘got such stamina’ – but also said they have been staying in touch with other Royal Family members using online video calls.

The Duchess talked about how the couple had kept a strict regime while home schooling their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis in the past month.

The couple said it was also important to avoid scaring their children and making it ‘too overwhelming’, but added that home schooling was ‘fun’ and the children had been pitching tents, cooking and baking.

And speaking about continuing the home schooling throughout the Easter holidays this month, the Duchess said: ‘We don’t tell the children we’ve actually kept going through the holidays. I feel very mean.’

During the interview, Prince William opened up about his concerns for his grandparents the Queen, 93, and Prince Philip, 98, amid the coronavirus crisis

Kate also said the family had been through ‘ups and downs’ during the lockdown ‘like lots of families’ since it was imposed on March 23, but they had stayed in touch with other family members using video conferencing apps.  

William admitted he was ‘quite concerned’ for Charles after his 71-year-old father tested positive for coronavirus after having mild symptoms last month – but the Duke had been optimistic he would make a full recovery.

He also revealed he is worried about the health of his elderly grandparents, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, although they have both been doing all they can to ensure they are protected and isolated at Windsor Castle.  

Prince William and Kate have been at the forefront of the royal’s family response to the crisis, with the Duke opening a Nightingale Hospital in Birmingham earlier this week 

Experts previously revealed how Prince William and Kate would lead the royal family’s efforts to support the nation amid the coronavirus crisis.

Speaking to Australian website 9Honey, Katie Nicholl said the move was ‘significant’, adding that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were the ‘best placed’ members of the royal family to be ‘pillars of support’ for the nation at the moment. 

Alongside the lengthy interview today, the couple have shared clips online as they spoke with charities and organisations across the country via video link.

The Duke and Duchess also shared a video of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis applauding the NHS workers to support healthcare workers amid the crisis.  

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