Las Vegas Woman Crushes Male Watermelon Crushing World Record With Her Thighs

The three fruits lasted just 7.5 seconds.

A Las Vegas woman has crushed the world watermelon crushing record — between her thighs.

Bodybuilder Kortney Olson mulched three of the fruits in just 7.5 seconds, shattering not only the female record, but the male one too.

According to the Times-Standard, Ukrainian strongwoman Olga Liashchuk had held the record for years with a time of 14.65 seconds, while the male record was set back in 2017 by Iranian man Rohollah Doshmanziari, who could only manage 10.88 seconds.

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Olson obliterated both on Friday to mark the opening of her GRRRL Clothing athletic wear store in Vegas, which is aimed at women’s empowerment.

“We’re told as a society that women are the weaker sex and we want women to know that we are equal,” she told Fox5. “We all have varying degrees of differences but women are super powerful.”

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“I just decided in correlation with our store opening because it’s a community space and we really want to start utilizing the space to teach things, to share this watermelon-crushing story with younger girls,” she told the publication.

Olson was confident she could break the female record, having previously managed the feat in 11.36 seconds; however she didn’t do it under official Guinness World Record conditions.

“You’ve got to have two witness affidavits, you have to use two official stopwatches that are within a tenth of a second, and then you take the average of your two timekeepers,” she said. “You go through quite an extensive application process and then go from there.”

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She said it takes around 364 pounds of pressure to crush a watermelon; she even teaches classes on it.

“I have an eight-week watermelon crushing course that I’ve just actually filmed in virtual reality,” she said. “And because national watermelon day is August 3, my goal is really getting as many women and girls starting on this program because it’s designed to be done at home. … There’s a portion of it that goes through how to pick a watermelon, technique on squeezing, visualization, understanding beliefs, societal beliefs that women are the weaker sex.”

“My vision is just seeing a ton of women on August 3 on National Watermelon Day crushing the crap out of some watermelons.”

Olson’s GRRRL line, she said, is so the sisterhood can identify each other and realize they are not each other’s competition.

“So if I saw you out in the street with GRRRL leggings on, I would know in an instant that you are my sister, regardless of if you were Catholic and I was a Satanist, we put that (stuff) aside and we connect, and we find a way to move forward because we believe that’s why we were held back.”

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