Lewis Hamilton claims it is 'IMPOSSIBLE' for Mercedes to keep up with Red Bull and have 'no answer' to F1 rivals

LEWIS HAMILTON called on Mercedes to ditch their plan of focusing fully on 2022 and deliver him an upgrade to catch Max Verstappen.

While the reigning world champions have been dominant in Formula One for years, Red Bull are pulling away this season.

Verstappen won again in Sunday's Styrian Grand Prix to go 18 points clear of Hamilton atop the championship standings.

And the Brit admitted it was 'impossible' to keep up with his rival around Red Bull Ring.

Hamilton summarised: "It was a bit of a lonely race.

"I was trying to stay with Max but they have made some improvements and it was impossible to keep up.

"We got good points as a team and we have to keep pushing.

"I try not to concern myself with the championship but they are just faster and there is not a lot I can do in that respect but just try and do the best I can. We need to find performance."

Verstappen led from start to finish in Spielberg and F1 will race at the same circuit next weekend.

Hamilton had won three of the first four races in 2021 but now finds himself comfortably beaten by the Dutchman for the second week in a row.


They have definitely made big steps over the past couple of races and we haven't really got an answer for it.

He described the gap between the cars and said: "It was around three to four tenths [of a second per lap] – it was pretty impressive speed they had.

"There was nothing I could do. I gave it absolutely everything.

"I don't know where they are gaining speed but it was everywhere in general, particularly on the straights.

"They have definitely made big steps over the past couple of races and we haven't really got an answer for it."

Mercedes have admitted that they will not be adding any more upgrades to this season's car to help them prepare for a huge rule overhaul next year.

But Hamilton is desperate for some instant extra development to help his bid for eight world titles.

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The 36-year-old said: "We need to find performance. We need an upgrade of some sort.

"We have not brought any upgrades. I don't remember the last time we had any upgrades, but Red Bull have.

"They have clearly brought an engine upgrade and some other part of the package and it has eked them ahead and there is not too much we can do.

"We would love to have upgrades and improvements but I don't think that is on the cards, but when we do our debrief, we will talk about it.

"I am not going to question the team's logic or process. I would love an update. Give us an upgrade, but I don't think it is in the pipeline at the moment.

"We are down on a few areas. It was close at the beginning of the season but they have taken a decent step forwards.

"We did a decent job but it is going to get harder, especially if Sergio Perez has a better weekend."

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