Lewis Hamilton open to shock acting career after retiring from F1 following cameos in Cars 2 and Zoolander 2

LEWIS HAMILTON has revealed he would like to take up a career in acting once he has retired from Formula 1.

The seven-time world champion has dabbled in the movie business with cameos in films such as Cars 2 and Zoolander 2.

But while acting is something that intrigues the F1 superstar, he is also intent on learning the craft before becoming more involved in the industry.

Speaking to DAZN, he said: "I want to be the best. In everything I do I want to be.

"I would love to act one day. But I am very conscientious. I like to learn step by step.

"I had opportunities and I know that I need time to prepare myself. Because I want to be the best. In everything I do I want to be. To do the best I can.

"If I'm going to make a movie, I'll go to class, study, and make sure I express my emotions as I should."

Hamilton, who currently trails Red Bull's Max Verstappen in the 2021 world championship, also spoke about how he has recently taken up a more vested interest in reading.

"Right now I don't have time [to act], so I suppose it will be something I do when I retire. I'm trying to read more," he added.

"I like TV a lot, but it needs its time and I'm turning to reading. The last thing I've read is 'Greenlights' by Matthew McConaughey.

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"It was amazing. I know Matt and it was wonderful to have his voice reading the whole book over my head. And I just started a new book: 'The Fifth Agreement'.

"I read 'The Fourth Agreement' about two years ago and I saw that it was 'The fifth deal,' so I started it."

Hamilton has won three of the first five races of the F1 season with victories in Bahrain, Portugal and Spain.

But a disastrous weekend in Monaco saw him finish seventh as he relinquished the championship lead to 23-year-old Verstappen.

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